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SuperbugDangerous infections that are resistant to antibiotics are spreading and growing stronger. Medical experts say it is a mess of our own making -and the clock is ticking on when and how we must solve it.

Share Your Superbug Story

Share Your Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Story

MRSA Super BugsHave you or a loved one contracted an antibiotic-resistant infection or illness? We'd like to hear your story, or any other comment you may have about your experience. Infectious bacteria that becomes resistant to most or all antibiotics is dangerous to you personally and to society as a whole.  Hospital acquired infections caused by superbugs are a leading cause of death in the U.S. Bacteria that becomes resistant to multiple antibiotics are dangerous to you personally and to society as a whole. Overuse of antibiotics weakens their effectiveness and can create superbugs. We're pushing for laws to require hospitals to track antibiotic use, disclose superbug infection rates and superbug outbreaks.  But we need to hear what's happening to people like you. Visit this link to Share Your Superbug Story.


Real People, Real Stories

Peggy Lillis acquired c-difficile after a dental procedure. Complaining of stomach cramps, her doctor prescribed her an antibiotic that was not appropriate for c-difficile and may have exacerbated the problem rather than kill the bacterial infection. Peggy's death was very sudden. She was only ill for six days with what appeared to be a stomach virus before being taken to the hospital by her children.

Within 36 hours of her admission, Peggy died. This superbug or antibiotic resistant infection took the life of a much loved single mother and kindergarten teacher from Brooklyn. Her sons, Christian and Liam, started the Peggy Lillis Foundation in order to raise awareness about C-difficile and work to prevent these deadly infections in their mother's name.

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