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McCleary MRSA Prevention

I am a retired RN with a new passion to help vulnerable patients. My father died of Hospital Acquired MRSA Pneumonia last year. He was infected by his trusted community hospital while he was rehabilitating from a minor ankle fracture. He was the third patient to contract nosocomial MRSA that month in that hospital, and all 3 of them died. They didn’t declare an outbreak and didn’t change their approach to MRSA prevention because of those infections and deaths. And surprisingly, they were not obligated to report the infections to the State CDC. I took my family and my Father’s story to the Maine Legislature to fight for MRSA prevention in Maine Hospitals. My proposal was supported by legislators, MSNA, AARP, SEIU, MPA and many others. We passed a law in Maine to do MRSA screening of all high risk patients who are being admitted to Maine Hospitals. Currently Maine Hospitals, under the guidance of the Maine Quality Forum MDRO metrics committee, are conducting a prevalence study of MRSA in high risk patients.

Kathy Day, RN

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  • On August 3, 2010 winston mctague posted:

    On 6-27-07 i was in a horrific motorcycle accident that gave me a severe head injury and i had to go to so many different doctors for all my injuries i had conceived-broken both arms,legs,ankles,wrist,and brain injury,skull fractures and such- and in the process all the different doctors had not been given my history or did not read it and I had to tell them what had happened to me,well my wife had to, and half of all the visits was telling them of the accident,injuries,and all the operations that I have been through,and this wasted so much time,and we had to relive it all over again and every-time! it was sickening, and they didn't know what the other doctors had done,meds,therapies and...well lets make every doctor,hospital,and therapist get and read all the history of the injury or what started the problem at hand! make these times less stressful and heart breaking! thanx.