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The Empowered Patient Coalition


The Empowered Patient Coalition is a consumer and advocate-led effort to inform, engage and empower the public to assume a greater role in their own medical treatment and in becoming a driving force for meaningful health care reform.

The coalition was formed by advocates Helen Haskell and Julia Hallisy who share the same great loss of a child, similar patient safety goals and a clear vision of a health care system that is safe, effective, transparent and patient-centered.

Our goal is to partner with individuals, other advocates and consumer organizations to give the public a stronger voice in all health decisions. We strive to enable a new level of collaboration by facilitating the sharing of ideas and resources among all coalition members and participants and encourage the formation of powerful partnerships within the group that will lead to policy changes and quality health care for all.


Select your state from an interactive map to find out what physician background reporting is available in your state. Knowing the background information on your doctor could your life.

Mothers Against Medical Error

Mothers Against Medical Error (MAME) is a South Carolina-based group that works with medical error victims, healthcare professionals, and legislators to promote its mission of providing support to victims of medical harm; educating policymakers and the public about patient safety issues; and advocating for improvements in healthcare policy. Areas in which MAME has been active include medical education reform, hospital infection reporting, in-hospital patient support systems, and disclosure of medical error.

Contact: Helen Haskell
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