Proposed guidelines for posting:

  1. Anonymous posts are not allowed here. Due to the continued flood of automated comment spam, we require registration for comments. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but moderating scores of ads for various drugs and pornographic web sites is just too time consuming.
  2. Offensive language or indecent graphic material will not be tolerated. Users may report possible infractions to us. We retain the right to suspend any account, or remove any offensive post.
  3. Posts are limited to 500 words. This is intended as an exercise in keeping the system efficient for the server, network, and the users. Please limit the amount of text you "comment out", and refrain from copying wholesale from other documents. Please incorporate hyperlinks instead. Selected users may be invited to contribute longer stories -- which we will post and which can serve as a platform for follow-up discussions.
  4. Do not engage in copyright infringement: Please do not post other people's intellectual property in violation of copyright laws. You may post quotations or excerpts of copyrighted material normally described as "public use".
  5. Posts must be related to the topic of the string. Help us efficiently organize and archive your comments by limiting yourself to the topic at hand. When posts drift too far afield, we retain the right to remove them.
  6. We do not verify information posted by users. This is a public forum for discussion about consumer concerns. We do not in any way fact check or investigate statements made by users, nor should such statements be attributed to Consumers Union or relied upon as factual or verified.
  7. Limit repeat posts: You may post more than once, but we ask that you respect others and limit repeat posts to necessary and useful additional information.
  8. Tips for posting: Your contribution is important for the over all health and growth of a community of engaged consumers. We ask that you consider the following tips from Slashdot's Ten Tips for Improving Your Karma, where experienced bloggers have learned how to build a conversation online. We encapsulate their advice here:
    • Post thoughtfully: Interesting, insightful and thought provoking comments.
    • Post calmly: No flame wars.
    • Be original: Avoid repeating what has been said or simply posting your agreement. We regularly post short poll questions and surveys where we ask all our consumer readers for their opinion or level of agreement.
    • Re-read your post before you submit: If you don't check grammar and punctuation, its easy to say something quite different from what you think you said.

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