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  • Hospitals Tally Their Avoidable Mistakes
    Source: The Washington Post (Tuesday July 21, 2009)

    Under laws that took effect last year in Virginia and a few years earlier in the District and Maryland, hospitals must report to health regulators many serious injuries that patients suffer in the course of treatment.

  • MD hospital fined for not reporting errors
    Source: Washington Post (Monday June 15, 2009)

    The hospital failed to notify the Department of Health that a patient had died and that at least seven others suffered serious harm last year as a result of mistakes by the medical staff.

  • WA: Yakima Regional hospital improves compliance with antibiotic procedure

    Yakima Regional Medical and Cardiac Center was one of seven hospitals in the state in “low compliance” last year with a relatively simple procedure designed to prevent surgical infections. Other hospitals in low compliance in the state are Southwest Washington Medical Center in Vancouver, Island Hospital, Lourdes Medical Center in Pasco, Tri-State Memorial Hospital in Clarkston and Enumclaw Regional Hospital Association.

  • Legislature passes MRSA-prevention hospital guidelines
    Source: Nisqually Valley News (Monday April 13, 2009)

    The state Senate today concurred unanimously with the House in passing tough new procedures to help prevent the spread of infections acquired in hospitals and other health facilities.

  • Lax Needle Use in Clinics Raises Alarm
    Source: The Wall Street Journal (Wednesday February 4, 2009)

    The Safe Injection Practices Education and Awareness Campaign focuses on the dangers of health care workers reusing needles.

  • Bill aims to stop spread of MRSA in hospitals
    Source: The Olympian (Wednesday March 18, 2009)

    Representative Campbell’s legislation is an attempt to force hospitals to track drug-resistant MRSA infections and slow the bacteria’s spread

  • Editorial: Ending a culture of resistance to MRSA screening
    Source: Seattle Times (Monday February 23, 2009)

    “Aggressive screening halts the spread of MRSA. Rather than fighting lawmakers, the Washington State Medical Association ought to encourage its 9,000 physician members to get behind mandatory screening.”

  • Seemingly simple surgery leaves mom with devastating complications
    Source: MN: South Washington County Bulletin (Wednesday February 11, 2009)

    Hysterectomy operation leads to necrotizing fasciitis..

  • MRSA: Patients revolt against hospital secrecy
    Source: Seattle Times (Tuesday November 18, 2008)

    MRSA: Consumers have launched a battle against hospital secrecy and demanded aggressive steps to control infections like MRSA. But in Washington state, MRSA rates remain hidden and state initiatives to combat the drug-resistant germ have come up short.

  • How our hospitals unleashed a MRSA epidemic
    Source: Seattle Times (Sunday November 16, 2008)

    MRSA, a drug-resistant germ, lurks in Washington hospitals, carried by patients and staff and fueled by inconsistent infection control. This stubborn germ is spreading here at an alarming rate, but no one has tracked these cases ― until now.

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