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Hip and Knee Replacement

inspectionHave you been harmed or experienced a side effect by a hip or knee replacement? Have you had replace your original hip or knee replacement? How long were you told your hip or knee would last? Share your story here.

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Healthcare-Acquired Infections

Hospital-Acquired InfectionsHave you or a loved one contracted a health care infection when you went in for surgery or other illness? We’d like to hear your story, or any other comment you may have about your hospital experience.

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Medical Errors

Medical ErrorsHave you or a loved one been harmed by a medical error at a hospital or doctor’s office? We would like to hear your story.

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Medication Errors

Medication ErrorsWere you ever given the wrong drug or wrong dosage? Did your doctor fail to inform you about side effects?

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Doctor Accountability

Doctor AccountabilityHave you or a loved one been harmed by a doctor or medical staff person when seeking medical treatment? We would like to hear your story, or any other comment you may have about the experience.

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OvertreatmentHave you or a loved one had tests, surgeries, procedures or medications that you thought were unnecessary? Did you decline tests or treatments offered to you that you thought were unnecessary and found a medically appropriate alternative?

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