Share this site! The Safe Patient Project is a Consumers Union campaign focused on eliminating medical harm, improving FDA oversight of prescription drugs and promoting disclosure laws that give information to consumers about health care safety and quality.


Consumers Union Documents

  • Consumers Union Letter to FDA Commissioner on Avandia drug safety

    In light of the credible estimates of possible continuing harm to patients caused by Avandia (diabetes medication) and the fact that there are readily available alternative treatments, Consumers Union recommends that the FDA make a decision by May on whether the drug’s sales and use should continue in the U.S.

Blog Posts

  • Medical-Device Merger Could Eliminate Field’s Only Warranty

    Most of the press attention to the upcoming merger between Zimmer and Biomet, two leading medical-device manufacturers, has been focused on the $13 billion price tag and the fact that the two companies are crosstown rivals, both headquartered in the same small Indiana town.  If it’s approved by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the merger Continue Reading

  • Should TV drug ads shorten list of side effects?

    We’ve all been there. You’re sitting on your couch watching a good TV show and it’s interrupted by a drug company commercial claiming to have an answer to a fill-in-the-blank condition. A funny-sounding drug name is revealed followed by a recital of drug side effects, some which can sound pretty scary. Do you get confused Continue Reading

  • On the road with the Safe Patient Project

    Our mission: ask a large gathering of orthopedic surgeons how long hip and knee implants should be warrantied.

  • Consumer Reports: Warranties for Artificial Hips and Knees Needed

    This week, Consumer Reports released a TV story that discussed the lack of warranties for artificial hips and knees, and Consumer Reports’ nationwide hospital ratings for hip and knee replacement surgery (available to subscribers of

  • On our radar: Maine dialysis centers may be bought by dialysis corporate giant—what’s at stake for patients?

    Three dialysis clinics run by the nonprofit hospital Eastern Maine Medical Center (EMMC) may soon be purchased by one of the country’s largest for-profit dialysis companies, Total Renal Care, Inc., a subsidiary of Colorado-based DaVita, Inc. The deal is expected to close early this summer after a state review process.

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