Share this site! The Safe Patient Project is a Consumers Union campaign focused on eliminating medical harm, improving FDA oversight of prescription drugs and promoting disclosure laws that give information to consumers about health care safety and quality.
Patient Safety Action Network

The Consumer Reports Safe Patient Project is no longer active. Much of the content on this website will soon be archived at The Project’s work will be carried on by the Patient Safety Action Network, a coalition of activists who have worked with CR on patient safety for the past 15 years. To join with other consumers and patients in promoting policy changes to end medical harm, please contact the Patient Safety Action Network at

Medical Board Websites Review

Consumer Reports Safe Patient Project and the Informed Patient Institute analyzed the websites of 65 state boards that regulate medical and osteopathic doctors to see how complete their information was and how easy the websites were to use. The complete ratings can be seen here.

Seeking Doctor Information Online: A Survey and Ranking of State Medical and Osteopathic Board Websites in 2015

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