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State Disclosure Reports

  • New Hampshire 2012 Healthcare-Associated Infections Reports for Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers
    Source: New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (Thursday August 15, 2013)
  • NH Healthcare-Associated Infections 2011
    Source: NH Department of Health and Human Services (Friday March 1, 2013)
  • NH Healthcare-Associated Infections 2009 Report

Consumers Union Documents

  • Letter to FDA from consumer groups with recommendations for medical device

    Consumer Groups preliminary MDUFA suggestions to improve the agency’s performance in terms of ensuring that consumers have access to safe and effective medical devices, and to guarantee the scientific integrity of the safety review process.

  • State Hospital Infection Public Reporting Laws

    Summary of state laws hospital infection reporting laws.

Blog Posts

  • Consumer voices to be heard at national hospital infection meeting

    Meet the eleven consumer advocates who will be attending a U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)hospital infection meeting this week.

  • Survey finds close ties between drug companies and patient groups

    The New Scientist’s recent survey describes how some patient groups get substantial funding from drug companies.

News Articles

  • Eight NH patients possibly exposed to fatal brain disease at Manchester hospital
    Source: Boston Globe (Wednesday September 4, 2013)

    Boston Globe reports: “As many as eight patients at a New Hampshire hospital may have been exposed to a rare, fatal brain disease from surgery equipment that previously was used on a patient who likely had the incurable disease, state health officials said Wednesday.”

  • NH collects more data on hospital infections
    Source: Boston Globe (Sunday August 18, 2013)

    A new report shows that 198 patients acquired new infections while being treated at New Hampshire hospitals last year. You can find the NH healthcare-associated infection reports.

  • NH DHHS: Fourth Annual Hospital And First Ambulatory Surgery Center Healthcare-Associated Infections Reports Released
    Source: New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (Thursday August 15, 2013)

    The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services released the 2012 hospital infection report and the 2012 ambulatory surgery center report based on data from the 31 hospitals and 27 ambulatory surgery centers in the State. The reports, mandated by law, look at the rates of specific healthcare acquired infections. For hospitals, central line–associated bloodstream infections, catheter-associated urinary tract infections, and surgical site infections following heart, colon, abdominal hysterectomy, and knee surgeries are reported. For ambulatory surgical centers, surgical site infections following breast, hernia, and open reduction of fracture procedures are reported.

  • Hospital’s Drug Diversion Nightmare Spawns Multiple Infections
    Source: HealthLeaders Media (Thursday June 28, 2012)

    New Hampshire patients infected with Hepatitis C linked to healthcare worker drug use on the job.

  • State: Hospital worker abusing drugs likely cause of hepatitis C outbreak
    Source: Seacoast Online (Wednesday June 13, 2012)

    An New Hampshire hospital employee abusing drugs is likely the cause of the hepatitis C outbreak that has now grown to 20 individuals, according to state health officials.

  • Patient Safety Advocates Start New England Watchdog Group
    Source: CT Health I-Team (Tuesday November 22, 2011)

    New England patient safety activists form New England Voices For Error Reduction (NEVER), a group that aims to work regionally for safe health care.

  • Tracking infections helps save lives
    Source: Concord Monitor (Sunday October 30, 2011)

    Op-ed written by Lori Nerbonne of New Hampshire Patient Voices. New Hampshire House Bill 602 would require ambulatory surgical centers to pay a fee to help finance the NH hospital infection reporting program, just like hospitals do. But recent amendments put the state reporting program in danger.

  • Patient advocacy group aims to educate
    Source: Littleton Courier (Friday May 20, 2011)

    Lori Nerbonne and Kelly Grasso started advocating for reporting of hospital aquired infections and medical errors after their mother ultimately died of a series of medical errors, including hospital infections. They have since started a non-profit advocacy group called New Hampshire Patient Voices.

  • New site lets employers put health care out to bid
    Source: Associated Press (Sunday March 27, 2011)

    Lori Nerbonne of NH Patient Voices: Patients need detailed data on quality and outcomes as well as cost to make informed health care decisions.

  • Do expensive buildings improve health care?
    Source: Concord Monitor (Thursday March 3, 2011)

    Patient safety advocate Lori Nerbonne argues that the $1billion spent on new hospital buildings in New Hampshire since 2000 has not resulted in better quality care.

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Research and Reports

  • New Hampshire 2012 Healthcare-Associated Infections Reports for Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers
    Source: New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (Thursday August 15, 2013)

    2012 infection rates for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers in New Hampshire.