A huge victory — and a huge thanks

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Last week, President Bush authorized one of the most significant prescription medicine safety legislation in almost 50 years. After weeks of tense behind-the-scenes settlements, your home passed the last bill by a vote of 405 to 7, the Us senate passed it unanimously. These veto-proof margins ensured a Presidential trademark.

Yet the substantial margins do not suggest this was an easy fight. Instead, this victory stands for the culmination of a three-year lengthy, intensive initiative by Consumers Union to educate the public, lobby Congress, and also bring components to meet their very own legislators.

This arranged project effort produced greater than 100,000 messages to Congress from people all over the country in simply the last couple of months. Others followed up with more than 1,000 phone calls, and we also brought individuals to Washington, D.C. for face to face meetings with lawmakers to discuss their painful experiences with unexpected medication adverse effects.

In June, the Congressional visits coincided with a full-page advertisement in United States Today informing Patricia Slingo’s tale, to terrific result. “I can not state for certain Vioxx caused my heart issues,” Patricia claims, “however I desire I would certainly have understood what the drugmaker understood.”

If you are cynical that all this really affected the process, here’s simply one tale: Kim Witczak, a lobbyist from Minnesota, lobbied and also provided testament to a Legislative committee, urging lawmakers to need a toll-free number and internet site in all drug ads so anybody that suffers a bad reaction to a medication might easily report it to the FDA. This fresh originality was included for all print ads in the last bill, with a research to see if the information needs to likewise go in television ads.

What else did we obtain? Medicine firms must make public the outcomes of most of their medication researches and will encounter heavy fines for not adhering to safety measures. No more will business be permitted to conceal or minimize details from their researches that show health threats from medicines.

Yet the fight is not over. Medications still set you back too much, and also the FDA needs to be a better watchdog. Although we have even more to do, this success is a huge progression. Thanks to everyone whose time and efforts assisted pass this historical bill.