A Shot In The Dark: Not Enough California Healthcare Workers are Getting Flu Shots

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It’s the begin of influenza season as well as you might be fretted about the spread of germs. We’re fretted too. Consumers Union’s Safe Person Project launched a report today that discovered virtually fifty percent of all hospital employees in California really did not get influenza shots throughout the 2008-2009 flu season.

Outbreaks of hospital-acquired flu have been revealed to happen in all health center wards and also devices consisting of transplant, oncology, and emergency departments. The average death rate during hospital-acquired flu break outs in severe care centers has been documented at 16 percent with an average added cost of $7,500 per instance.

That medical facility person could be you or me, as well as when healthcare workers aren’t vaccinated, it’s possible we might catch the flu from them.

Publishing inoculation rates of medical care workers can encourage much better habits among hospitals as well as health care employees. California is called for by law to collect and release healthcare worker inoculation information. Hospitals were needed to start reporting data to the Division in January 2008. The Division was expected to report the 2008-2009 flu inoculation data to the general public by March 2010.

Earlier this year, we filed a Public Records Demand and also after numerous months, we got the information. Regrettably the hospital-specific data we got was careless and also full of holes, which the Department partly attributed to hospital confusion about the reporting procedure and also they asserted that they shed some reports. Whatever the excuse, 31% of medical facilities in the state didn’t report their vaccination rate to the health and wellness division in spite of the legislation needing it.

We did our ideal to assess the California information and also you can review our full record below.

The public has a right to understand just how their healthcare facility is accumulating when it pertains to safeguarding them from the flu.The LA Times covered our report as well as the Associated Press. We hope our record will promote the truth that the Division hasn’t done its work to make certain hospitals are doing what they should do to safeguard patients from the influenza.