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Consumers Union Documents

  • State Hospital Infection Public Reporting Laws

    Summary of state laws hospital infection reporting laws.

Consumers Union News Releases

  • Alaska Rated Among Worst In Nation For Failing to Keep Patients Informed About Bad Doctors

    From a review of state medical board websites.

News Articles

  • Dr. Steven Tower, MD: The Dangers of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants
    Source: Health Watch USA (Wednesday February 19, 2014)

    Video presentation by Dr Steven Tower, MD: The Dangers of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants (Health Watch USA Meeting – From Alaska over Adobe Connect, Feb. 19, 2014)

  • New Hospital Compare data shows disparity in blood infection rates
    Source: Fierce Healthcare (Friday February 10, 2012)

    Patients at hospitals in Hawaii, Alaska, South Dakota, Kansas and Indiana had the fewest bloodstream infections, according to CMS 2011 data.

  • MRSA Cases in Alaska Increase Part I
    Source: KTVA (Monday May 2, 2011)

    In light of the 2011 outbreak of MRSA infections in Alaska hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, tracking infection cases is vital, yet the state does not require reporting of hospital infections to the public.

  • MRSA Cases in Alaska Increase, Part II
    Source: KTVA (Tuesday May 3, 2011)

    Alaska’s health department does not track cases of MRSA infection or other hospital infections because there is no law requiring hospitals to report infections to the public or state health department.

  • Staph infections plague Providence infant care unit
    Source: Anchorage Daily News (Thursday June 2, 2011)

    2011 MRSA outbreak in Alaska hospital’s newborn intensive care unit.

  • Infections contracted in hospitals can kill, but Alaskans can’t yet see data and compare facilities
    Source: Anchorage Daily News (Tuesday May 30, 2006)

    How do you choose a hospital? What if you could call up a Web site and compare one hospital against the others based on how many infections have been acquired there? That’s not possible in Alaska. But it could be soon.

  • Alaska moves to study hospital infections
    Source: Statement by Alaska Senator Gary Stevens (Wednesday May 3, 2006)

    Alaska lawmakers have established a task force to develop recommendations for hospitals to disclose infection rates.

Research and Reports

  • Alaska Launches a Health Care-Associated Infections Prevention Program
    Source: State of Alaska Epidemiology (Monday January 25, 2010)

    The state of Alaska’s information on its hospital infection prevention program released January 25, 2010.