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Eat more healthy foods, such as fiber

The fibers help regulate the intestine, which is our second brain. A good functioning of the intestine helps the immune defenses, and helps to stay healthy. It is no coincidence that those who are stressed or anxious often suffer from irritable bowel.

Fibers are contained in both vegetables and pasta, but when choosing between the former and the latter it is better to choose fresh and seasonal vegetables, preferably green leafy because they are richer in minerals and vitamins.

How to Be Healthy Without Restricting Foods: 8 Tips for SuccessCut back on sugars

It might seem counterintuitive, because candies and sweets increase serotonin levels and improve mood (just think of chocolate), yet too many sugars are addictive and are often eaten to compensate for negative emotional states such as sadness or stress.

  • An excess of sugars is the enemy of any diet, intended not as a slimming regime but as a set of good eating habits to be adopted day by day. Advertising – Read on below
  • Increase your vitamin D intake
  • Vitamin D is responsible for reactivating serotonin, the happiness hormone we were talking about earlier. It is also synthesized through exposure to the sun, but it is important to increase its presence in the body through specific foods, such as eggs, fresh cheeses or fish, such as salmon.

Reduce the number of coffees

Making LIFE Work - Healthy Food Choices - Alabama Cooperative Extension SystemIt is true that caffeine makes you feel more alert and awake, but if taken in excess it irritates and agitates. It can cause sleep disturbances, which do not help a good mood.
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Eat a more balanced diet

  • That is to say more varied.
  • Eat pasta, bread, meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables. If you need to lose weight, don’t rely on those drastic weekly diets that weaken and give immediate results only in the short term.
  • You prefer the classic Mediterranean diet, but limit the oil you use for cooking and seasoning to two tablespoons a day.