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The hospital audit that it is a branch of accounting, which has been used by various professions, including for health, nursing, particularly in health care organizations. Control appears as an important tool in the transformation of work processes that has taken place in hospitals, such as infection prevention and control.

This control is carried out through the Hospital Infection Control Committee (CCIH) which has to carry out internal audits, evaluate the performance of the hospital infection control program and minimize the incidence and severity of nosocomial infections.

Internal inspections should be carried out

Objective: To analyze the functionality of a control in the prevention and control of hospital infections in intensive care units. Methods: data will be collected through bibliographic study in the period 2005-2014 in the following databases: SCIELO (Electronic Scientific Library) and lilac (Latin American and Caribbean literature on Health Sciences), the university library from Amazon.

This research is quantitative in character. Conclusion: at the end of this conluiu work that only through a team of widely trained healthcare professionals and suggestions of universal care is that the prevention of nosocomial infections will be possible, which require all professionals involved to respect and carry out all the rules established by the CCIH.

It is important to note that hospital infections are acquired after the patient’s admission to a hospital, which could appear during the patient’s hospitalization or after his high and can be generated because some hospital procedures or even hospitalization.

Hospital audit. Prevention. Infection.


According to Motta (2005), Riollino (2007) the word audit derives from the Latin audire, which means to listen. However, the term can best be clarified by the word of control, English language, which has the meaning of scan, fix and insure. Consequently, the audit focuses on the systematic and formal evaluation of an activity to determine if it is being achieved based on your objectives.

It is a branch of accounting, which has been used by various professions, including health, more specific care, due to globalization and given the need for companies to earn the nursing process to the auditor Medical auditor, considering its general function. According to Rossi currently (2009), the health audit has in some subdivisions ranging from classification to its execution.

  1. Hospital audit. Prevention. Infection.Of healthcare companies, control appears as an important key in the transformation of work processes that have taken place in hospitals, such as infection control and prevention (SCARPARO, 2007).
  2. The audit that is consistent in this sense is the doctor which consists of an assessment of the qualitative and quantitative aspects based on health care.

It also covers organizational, operational and financial aspects, with the aim of seeking the quality of care provided to patients (SCARPARO, 2005). He is currently a large number of professionals doing health and auditing, so that it is performed correctly, it is necessary that the (internal) auditors are aware of the activities being audited, as well as control and cost flow of materials and medicines (KINGS, 2008) .