Change your goals

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Magazine “perfect” bodies are difficult (if not impossible) to obtain and even more difficult to maintain. So instead of having an unattainable ideal in mind, exercise for health, energy and vitality. You do this and you will immediately feel those benefits.

Make your goal feel good, don’t lose weight or gain muscle tone. These benefits will come, but allow them to be a bonus for increased energy and health. Tell yourself every time you exercise that your goal is health and energy. By simply sticking to your commitment, you will accomplish this goal, even on light training days.

Become aware of the mental benefits

Now that you’ve exercised, notice how exercising makes you feel. The more you understand and feel the immediate benefits, the more you will want to exercise. Consider these basic mental health questions:

  • Do you treat stress the same way?
  • How is your creativity?
  • Your problem-solving skills?
  • Do you like food more?
  • Do you feel tired on non-training days?
  • Do you crave different foods?

Keep positive responses as a reminder for those days you would rather sit on the couch and surf the internet.

 Enjoy the changes

As you exercise more regularly, you will begin to notice changes in your body. Enjoy these benefits as they come. Be ready to recognize them. These are examples of the things that keep you going:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Better posture
  • Increased stamina
  • More flexibility (Are you less rigid in the morning?)
  • More strength (do shopping bags feel lighter?)
  • Better movement (can you go up and down stairs more easily?)

Enjoy the exercise

Yes, it is a step. By including time to enjoy how your body feels during and after the exercise of your steps, you are ensuring that you are aware of and appreciate the body you have and are developing. So go ahead, examine your new body:

  • You really feel your muscles and limbs.
  • Marvel at the mechanics of running, walking or lifting.
  • Feel your pulse increase and your blood flow accelerate.
  • I really appreciate what happens to your body during exercise.

Enjoy the exerciseIncrease your intensity

If you’ve made it this far, it’s time to experience the intensity of your exercise. Maybe you are gaining the weight you use with your free weights. Maybe you’re turning that 30-minute walk into an hour. Or maybe you’ve decided to kick him. Once you’ve learned to love exercise, don’t get bored or hit a plateau. Keep challenging yourself and your body will continue to thank you.

More ways to learn to love healthy habits

  • Need some fresh inspiration for your exercise routine? Try these tips:
  • Hire a trainer for a few weeks to learn new routines
  • Train for a 5K run
  • Start using all the fancy settings on the training machines
  • Train with a more experienced friend who can guide you
  • Try a new training video