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  • State Medical Error Report Links (May 8, 2009)
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  • State releases dialysis patient infection rate

    Over a 12-month period, from April 2010, through March 2011, 664 Colorado dialysis patients suffered some form of infection related to their treatment, according to a report released by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. The report, though, did not break down the numbers by provider making it unhelpful to Colorado consumers looking for information about their local dialysis facilities.Source: The Pueblo Chieftain (December 9, 2011)

  • Delay In Results May Have Led To Baby’s Death

    Couple believes their newborn died from a hospital’s delay in test results.

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  • Why Not The Best? Comparative Reports on Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections

    Users of can now search for and compare data for nearly 1,000 hospitals on the incidence of central line–associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs)—one of the most lethal hospital-acquired complications. The data show wide variation in CLABSI incidence, in spite of strong evidence on how to prevent them. The updated data is made possible through a partnership among The Commonwealth Fund, The Leapfrog Group, and Consumers Union.

  • Healthcare Professions Profiling Program

    Thanks to the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act of 2010, consumers can now search for online profiles of different healthcare professionals.

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Partner Organizations

Citizens for Patient Safety

Our Mission at Citizens for Patient Safety is to educate ourselves and future generations to take action to protect our health and safety from medical errors.

Select your state from an interactive map to find out what physician background reporting is available in your state. Knowing the background information on your doctor could your life.

Colorado Citizens for Accountability

Individuals, families, professionals and business owners who believe we must educate ourselves and future generations to take action to protect our health & safety.

User Submitted Links (9)

  • On April 2, 2009 Patty Skolnik posted:

    Keep up with what is happening regarding Patient Safety in Colorado

  • On April 2, 2009 Patty Skolnik posted:

    Keep up with what is happening regarding Physician Discolsure throught Medical Boards

  • On April 2, 2009 posted:

    My oldest daughter has APS – Antiphospholipid Antidoby Syndrome; the doctors, nurses and all staff knew it (at Denver Health, Denver CO); her allergies were marked in Flourescent Orange on front of her file. Yet nurses gave her medications she was allergic too; my daughter was on pain medication and half-asleep when it was done; she asked immediately what they’d given her; they told her; then the nurse went running basically out of the room to get other medication to counteract what she’d just given the shot of. This went on during the entire stay there at Denver Health. They were supposed to give her a blood transfusion; they went back and forth – yes, they were; no, they weren’t. She ended up flying back to Chicago where the Dr there gave her a blood transfusion. They could have killed her several times with their nonchalant actions, not paying attention to her allergies – writen all over the file, on her arm band, etc. After this, we were all told to never go to a “teaching hospital”. My daughter talked with the Client Advocate; she also talked to one of the doctor’s treating her; he was more interested in covering it up, and giving a little schpeel about how great he was; and talked as if he was talking to a class – not an individual patient with her mother present in the room. He was very absorbed in himself and not at all concerned about what had happend. This was all so shocking. Needless to say, we’ve passed the word to other family and friends and hopefully none of them ever end up at that hospital. Teaching hospital or not, what happened was inexcusable and inappropriate. You may contact my daughter and she can fillyou in with all the detailed information. Write me and I will forward it to her so she can answer. Thank you for giving the public a chance!

  • On April 14, 2009 Fred mauch posted:

    I went to the University Of Colorado Hospital to have my dystonia batteries changed. It took about an hour and I went home. Everything went well, but the bill was $75,189.28 not including the doctor or the Anesthesiologist. I’m 75 so Medicare and my ins payed all but $822’24, but that price, it should of been less than half of that. I’m sure they can’t just charge anything they want. And need to find out who I can talk to about this bill.

  • On July 20, 2009 Lana Matthews posted:

    After not being able to keep any fluids down for over 24 hours, when I finally was taken to Swedish. In order to get the more than 8 bags needed to restore my fluid balance, either I had to keep screaming, or my friend had to literally harass the nursing staff, which was not busy, for me to be looked after. Given I also have Fibromyalgia and was on Fentanyl, they would not give me the Fentanyl I needed. I also asked them to call my doctor next door, who used the hospital, to tell him I was there; they deliberately lied, saying that they had simply to keep me quiet though I discovered they had not. When I talked to the “patient liaison,” she was more interested in pacifying me to avoid a law suit instead of fixing the problems of apathy and poor care.

  • On July 20, 2009 Mary J Meger posted:

    Retired Nurse. Need better education of RN’s, BSN at least.

  • On September 26, 2009 Patty Skolnik posted:

    Hi All, Just want you to know that we launched our new name last night to Citizens for Patient Safety. We had a stunning celebration and fabulous attendance. I know Michael was watching with his grin saying way to go…Please check out the new site and let me know what you think. We will keep the old site up also as it is so well know in Colorado. Moving globally with out new site. Please contact me if I can be of any help. Patty

  • On February 20, 2011 Patty Skolnik posted:

    Finding Your Way Through a Safe Healthcare Journey Workshop. Sponsored by Rose Hospital. Presented by Patty Skolnik. See info on home page of website. Must RSVP

  • On July 6, 2011 patty skolnik posted:

    The Michael Skolnik Transparency Law of 2010 went into effect July 1,2011 for Colorado. All health care professionals must now do a profile. Go to Colorado Board of Medical examiners website to get the details.