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Legal liability – consumer reports on supplements


The issue of doctors consumer reports on supplements ‘ legal liability for the provision of medical services has become increasingly important over the last few years, mainly due to the growing public awareness of patients, universal access to the internet and the increased activity of companies specializing in patient representation in compensation cases.

From practical experience, it can be safely pointed out that the number of court cases against medical entities has doubled in the last two years, in addition, there has been a large number of applications for the establishment of a medical event, sent by patients to the provincial commissions for the adjudication of medical events, acting at the provincial offices. The scope of this article does not allow for a detailed and in-depth analysis of the topic consumer reports vitamins, but its purpose is to approximate the issue of the doctor’s liability for medical error, with particular attention to the issue of patient information and obtaining his consent to perform a medical procedure.

consumer reports on supplements

When we talk about the legal responsibility of a doctor, including a doctor of aesthetic medicine consumer reports vitamins, as in the case of other fields of medicine consumer reports org cro index, we have in mind at least three areas in which it is possible to draw legal consequences. Criminal law, disciplinary and civil law.


The criminal sphere is regulated by the provisions of the criminal code, which provides for four main types of crimes that may be associated with the provision of medical services. These are involuntary manslaughter of a person consumer reports org cro index – Article 155 of the Criminal Code, involuntary manslaughter of serious injury to health – www.consumer Article 156 § 2 of the Criminal Code, involuntary manslaughter of a bodily function or state of health less than described in Article 156 of the Criminal Code – Article 157 § 3 of the Criminal Code and involuntary exposure of a person to a direct danger of loss of life or serious injury to health.

consumer reports org cro index – crimes, that is, consumer reports vitamins

The crimes listed here can be divided into effective crimes, that is, those in which the condition of criminal responsibility of the perpetrator is the occurrence of a certain result, for example, the death of a person or the occurrence of serious injury to health, and “exposure” crimes, that is, so-called ineffective crimes, in which the penalty is associated with the very possibility of a certain result, which is not in itself a condition for the recognition of the crime as committed.