CU Activists descend on Washington and hit the ground running for drug safety

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Consumers Union hosted its first-ever Protestor Summit this week in which 50 activists from throughout the nation came to find out, fulfill each other and also speak up for adjustment in Washington– specifically adjustment in our medicine security regulations.

Within the training course of two days:

Fifty resident protestors visited their Legislators and Reps to talk about medication security regulations, hospital infections, financial privacy and also vehicle security & youngsters.

Click on this link to fulfill the activists!

A full-page ad ran in U.S.A. Today highlighting Patricia Slingo’s personal experience (among you, our lobbyists), with a strong message to the entire country concerning the demand for the disclosure of medical trial study findings and better medicine safety and security.

  • NBC featured a story concerning medication security problems with declarations by Patricia Slingo as well as CU President Jim Guest.
  • Jim Guest was interviewed especially concerning the pending medication safety and security reform regulation– on CNBC.

Consumers Union and also a variety of essential legislators called an interview on the need for medicine safety and security reform, with statements by Congressman Edward Markey, Jim Visitor, as well as Patricia Slingo, Kim Witzcak and also Kathy Harter– activists who each had a story to outline unrevealed medication negative effects. See the Consumers Union’s news Release right here.

Also as our activists supplied our medication safety message to legislators and also their staff in specific offices, a number of us attended a crucial public hearing in your home Power as well as Business Health subcommittee on the very drug security reform legislation we have actually been defending. CU Head Of State Jim Visitor was invited to give testament at the hearing, and also mentioned the dire need for reforms in our drug safety and security system. Check out this clip of Congressman Markey examining a pharmaceutical rep. Go Congressman!

It was motivating to have a lot of people collaborating in various capabilities to bring the value of drug safety and security reform to the forefront. Thanks to every person that came as well as spoke out!