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Eat healthy and spend little: this is one of the goals of a lifestyle inspired by our diptych Do not waste.

To Reach Your Healthy-Body or Weight-Loss Goals, Eat More FiberIt is not difficult, and once it becomes a habit, you will never be able to give it up. For the pleasure and well-being it entails. Eating healthy does not only mean choosing the best foods for this result, but also having regular meal times, having “appetite-breaking” snacks and not giving up physical activity.


What does it mean to eat healthy? Someone, mistakenly, links this concept to the idea of ​​eating little, very little, and losing weight. It is not so. Eating healthy means protecting your health, and therefore we can consider it as the most important form of prevention.But without renouncing the pleasure of food, taste and authenticity of the products.

Ideas and recipes for eating in the office in a healthy and eco-sustainable way

3 ways to eat healthy at the office | American Heart AssociationHOW TO SPEND LITTLE TO EAT From this point of view, eating healthy is a choice of balance, not a mental obsession that then stresses you and makes you feel like an alien. Balance, for example in the weights relative to the derivation of the calories needed by our body: 50-60 percent from carbohydrates, 20 percent from protein, and yet another 20 percent from fat. This is why, if you keep these numbers in mind, it becomes almost automatic to consider the Mediterranean diet as the healthiest of all.


But healthy eating isn’t just related to the quality and quantity of food. It also concerns the ways in which we eat (swallowing in a hurry, or perhaps being glued to a smartphone, is simply not good), the times (too long fasting is counterproductive) and even the choice of company (to be at the table with others) increases the well-being of good food).

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  • TO DEEPEN: Eat slowly, all the reasons to do it. Lose weight, digest better and enjoy food

Saving on food shopping costs without having to give up on healthy eating is possible.

  • Eat Healthy and Stay Active in the New Year | USDAThe ongoing economic crisis has forced us to review our habits and our lifestyle even when we go shopping.
  • As a survey conducted by Astra Ricerche notes,

40 percent of Italians have reduced their food consumption over the last two years and 90 percent have implemented a whole series of anti-crisis and above all anti-waste behaviors. including the purchase of fewer products but above all those discounted or in promotion.