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State Disclosure Reports

  • Delaware Central Line Associated Bloodstream Rates and Utilization in Intensive Care Units


Consumers Union Documents

  • State Hospital Infection Public Reporting Laws

    Summary of state laws hospital infection reporting laws.


News Articles

  • Newark-based physician’s medical license suspended after 55 alleged malpractice cases
    Source: The Review (Monday March 18, 2013)

    It took 55 malpractice cases and a death to get a Delaware physician’s license suspended for 3 yrs

  • Health law takes aim at hospital infections
    Source: The News Journal (Thursday April 21, 2011)

    Lana Lawrence of Rehoboth Beach interviewed about the hospital infection she acquired after gallbladder surgery, which left her with a health care bill that was “easily over $100,000” mostly paid by her insurance company.

  • Delaware Tightens Oversight of Physicians

    Pediatrician accused of sexual abuse was investigated multiple times and no action was taken, nor was the public aware, until local DE paper subpoenaed documents which triggered action and lead to new doctor accountability laws.

  • Delaware health: Eliminating hospital infectionsInfection rates are dropping in states with reporting requirements.
  • Report: Most Del. hospitals on par with rest of nation
    Source: Delaware Online (Thursday July 30, 2009)

    A law passed in 2007 requires Delaware hospitals to report healthcare-acquired infections to the federal National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN). Nineteen other states also require hospitals to report infections.

  • Delaware hospital infection data to be made public
    Source: WBOC-TV (Thursday July 12, 2007)

    Hospitals in Delaware can no longer keep certain information about infections secret from the public

  • DE Hospital infection data to be made public
    Source: Newszap Delaware (Wednesday July 11, 2007)

    New law HB 47 sponsored by Rep. Hudson, will required hospitals to report their infections to the public.