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Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act

Passed in 2007, Colorado’s Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act (PDF) (Michael’s Law) brings to light vital physician information–such as disciplinary actions and malpractice information–so that if you are ever faced with a decision like the Skolnik family, you will no longer be in the dark.

“The people of Colorado need to be fully informed about the past practices of persons practicing medicine in this state in order to make informed decisions when choosing a medical care provider and determining whether to proceed with a particular regimen of care recommended by a medical care provider.”
— Section 1 of the Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act

Here are the new disclosures of HB 1331 (PDF):

  • Any in-state of out-of-state licenses
  • All board certifications, specialties, affiliations with hospitals and health-care facilities
  • Any final disciplinary actions voluntary or otherwise taken by a licensing agency in any state, or hospital
  • Any agreements or stipulations entered into regarding a doctor’s medical license
  • Involuntary surrender of US DEA registration
  • Criminal Convictions of felonies or crimes of moral turpitude
  • Refusal of an insurance company to issue malpractice insurance
  • Final judgments or settlements of malpractice or negligence

Not only does “The Michael Skolnik Medical Transparency Act” increase the amount of disclosures on the Board of Medical Examiner’s (BME) website, it also makes searches more consumer friendly. The public can search physicians by: name, license number, board certification, specialty area, or city. You can search by visiting