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Every need of our clients becomes a stimulus for us to constantly improve, in the name of greater efficiency, control of the results of our services and an ever greater qualification of our operators.

Every year we “dress” 290,000 healthcare workers and more than 45,000 beds in over 100 hospitals. With our support, 700,000 operating fields are set up throughout Italy and 100,000 surgical interventions are guaranteed.
Who we are

Specialization, competence, operational rigor. The health sector cannot admit exceptions. Present for years in the sector of washing and rental of hospital linen, Servizi Ospedalieri is today the main Italian player for the outsourced management of centers for the sterilization of surgical instruments.
Servizi Ospedalieri S.p.A is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rekeep S.p.A, a leader in Italy in specialized services in the laundering & sterilization segment for the healthcare sector.


Corporate Social Responsibility has always been a founding element of the corporate culture of Servizi Ospedalieri and the Rekeep Group of which the company is a part. Manutencoop Società Cooperativa was, in fact, the first cooperative and one of the first companies in Italy to test the Social Report as early as 1992. The same attention to all aspects of corporate social responsibility is constantly transmitted to every company in the Group.

Intransigent on quality, strictly professional. Ours is a mission rather than an entrepreneurial goal. People and tools that look to the well-being of others.

Innovation and development of cutting-edge solutions that take into account the contexts and operators who use them and the possibility of reuse.

In evidence
Servizi Ospedalieri Spa, in collaboration with Treedom, has carried out a study to quantify the carbon footprint of two activities carried out for its customers
Servizi Ospedalieri Spa, in collaboration with Treedom, has carried out an innovative study to quantify the carbon footprint of two important activities carried out in favor of its customers: the laundry service for linen and hospital uniforms / work clothes and the rental of sterile kits in Reusable Technical Fabric.

A framework of clear value references guides the activity and organization of Hospital Services

the optimization of each operational phase through the use of cutting-edge tools and technologies
the protection and specialist qualification of all operators.
the dynamism and versatility of the relationship with clients
the culture of reuse of materials that are discharged after the reprocessing limit
Where we are
Ferrara plant
Castellalto plant (TE)
Lucca plant
Plant of Marcellinara (CZ)

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