Great start for California “Docs on Probation” campaign!

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In less than a week since we launched our California online petition to require doctors on probation to inform their patients, we have received 4,700 signatures and were featured on San Diego’s KGTV news! We’re off to a great start thanks to your support and support from our California Safe Patient activist network.

Watch the interview below where a California mother Jodi Barber says she would have never taken her son to a doctor that was on probation had she known. CA Safe Patient activist Marian Hollingsworth described why our push to be informed about a doctor’s disciplinary past is so important:

“That’s something you should know before you decide who’s going to deliver your baby or do your surgery. You don’t want to have your last thought before you go under for an operation, ‘I should have checked my doctor.’”

Lots of activists posted to Facebook and Twitter showing their support and encouraging their friends to take action.

Help us win for patients by taking action here if you live in California. Then share this action with friends and family in the state to help us increase the pressure on the California Medical Board and get results. Join our Twitter discussion by following @CUsafepatient and using the hashtag #DocsOnProbation.