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State Disclosure Reports

  • Healthcare-Associated Infections in Hawaii 2012

Consumers Union Documents

  • Testimony of Consumers Union on Public Reporting of Medical Harm in HI

    Consumers Union supports a bill that will require acute care hospitals in Hawaii to report incidences of medical harm to the department of health, which will use the data to create a public report.

  • State Hospital Infection Public Reporting Laws

    Summary of state laws hospital infection reporting laws.

Consumers Union News Releases

  • Hawaii Bill Aims to Reduce Deadly Medical Errors

    Hawaii hospitals would be required to publicly disclose medical errors that occur while patients are being treated.

Blog Posts

  • Discount drug cards underscore need for a national solution

    Some cities and counties are trying to fight high prescription drug costs, but we really need Congress to act.

News Articles

  • New Hospital Compare data shows disparity in blood infection rates
    Source: Fierce Healthcare (Friday February 10, 2012)

    Patients at hospitals in Hawaii, Alaska, South Dakota, Kansas and Indiana had the fewest bloodstream infections, according to CMS 2011 data.

  • Hawaii Public Kept in Dark about Hospital Infections
    Source: Honolulu Civil Beat (Tuesday August 30, 2011)

    Hawaii doesn’t require public disclosure of hospital infections and state lawmakers have hindered efforts to require disclosure, leaving patients and families in the dark.