Heartbreaking news: Child discovers 2nd recall connected to her defibrillator

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9-year-old child, Avery de Groh, faces a scary situation: having a recalled defibrillator which the family found out by accident. This is the second time that Avery’s family has been affected by a recalled defibrillator. Last year, Avery’s mother, Molly, shared her daughter’s story with us about how she was shocked by a defective defibrillator at age three and thought monsters were attacking her. Her device was later recalled by the manufacturer.

Patients should be notified immediately if their medical device has been recalled. Many patients have no idea if the device implanted in their bodies has been recalled by the manufacturer because they aren’t told; and many people don’t scan FDA websites looking for this information. Doctors don’t always tell their patients. We need to fix this problem.