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Posted on May 7, 2014 at 8:53 am

4 responses to “Hip and Knee Implant Warranty Information”

  1. Edward Cucurello says:

    Being a candidate for, and seriously considering, knee replacement surgery I found this study of great interest.
    However the information presented is incomplete should one wish to compare each of the company’s recall rates.
    This because there is no indication of how many device each company has produced.
    Therefore it is impossible to tell if once firms 75 recalls indicates a better record than another manufacturer’s 200.
    Thus we are left with interesting but reference free data
    Is such information available?
    Can you direct me to it?
    Best regards
    Edward Cucurello

    • Suzanne Henry Suzanne Henry says:

      Regarding your comment about our knee recall report and the need to know the number of devices made by each company in order to compare recalls to sales. Here is the market share of each of the manufacturers in the report.

      1. Zimmer Holdings 26% (31% of recalls)
      2. DePuy Inc. 24% (38% of recalls)
      3. Stryker Corp. 21% (17% of recalls)
      4. Smith & Nephew 12% (2% of recalls)
      5. Biomet 11% (11% of recalls)

      To look up specific recall information by device name or manufacturer you can search the FDA medical device recall database:

      Hope this helps.

  2. Gordon Cooley says:

    I was scheduled for a “NEW” knee replacement in August 2014 but decided not to chance it since the Doctor scheduled to do the replacement(who had excellent credentials)would not provide any guarantee on the item nor his surgery. Now I remain in constant pain. The original doctor blatantly lie in my chart notes saying the patient was just fine with no complaints. Doctors who lie to protect them selves AND their revenue stream should lose their license, forever. They could never make up to me the pain that I have suffered these over four years.According to the NEW orthopedic guy I have a “ZIMMER” knee.

  3. Gordon Cooley says:

    no further reply.

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