Hospital-acquired infection public reporting and MRSA related bills under consideration by states in 2009

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Alabama– SB 89 (Search for SB89, click button then view. Works best in Internet Explorer.)
Bill Status: Introduced 2/3, assigned to health committee. Pending action.

Bill Sponsor: Sen. Bobby Denton

Bill Information: Requires hospital infection reporting

Arizona – SB 1228
Bill Status: Introduced 1/28, read by Senate.

Bill Sponsor: Senator Meg Burton Cahill, Representatives Edward Ableser; Phil Lopes

Bill Information: Prescription marketing costs; gift disclosure


Colorado – HB 1025
Bill Status: Introduced 1/7. Last action on 2/3: referred to Senate Committee on Health and Human Services; 3/3: passed Senate; 3/11: Signed by the Speaker of the House

Bill Sponsor: House: Riesberg, Frangas, Green, Massey; Senate: Boyd, Kopp, Morse

Bill Information: National certification for infection control, exempts ambulatory surgical centers and certified dialysis treatment centers


Connecticut – HB 5887; SB 1049

Bill Status: SB 1049: Passed Joint Committee on Public Health; HB 5887: Introduced 1/23, referred to Joint Committee on Public Health; HB 6192: 1/27: referred to Joint Committee on Labor and Public Employees; 3/9: referred to Office of Legislative Research and Office of Fiscal Analysis.

Bill Sponsor: HB 5887: Reps. Mary Fritz, Jeffrey Berger; HB 6192: Labor and Public Employees Committee; SB1049 sponsored by Public Health Committee.

Bill Information: HB 5887: civil penalty for hospital that do not comply with infection reporting law; SB1049: pharmaceutical company gift ban to doctors.


Hawaii – HB 1689; SB 1261; SB 170; SB 361; HR 73
Bill Status: HB 1689: Introduced 1/28 and passed first reading; 1/30: Referred to Committees on Health/Human Services, Committees on Consumer Protection & Commerce/Judiciary, Committee on Finance, referral sheet 5; SB 1261: Introduced 1/28 and passed first reading 1/30, referred to Committees on Health, Ways and Means; SB 170: Introduced 1/23; Referred to Committee on Health on 1/26; Re-referred to Committees on Health, Ways and Means; 2/11: Public hearing; SB 361: Introduced 1/23; 1/26: Passed first reading; 1/28: Referred to Committees on Health, Commerce and Consumer Protection on 1/28, 2/11: Committee on Health public hearing; HR 73: Introduced 2/25/09; 3/6/09: Referred to health committee

Bill Sponsor: HB 1689: Takumi, Thielen; SB 1261: Gabbard, Chun Oakland, Hooser, Ige, Kidani, Sakamoto, Tsutsui; SB 170: Green, Baker, Chun Oakland, Ige; SB 361: Slom; HR 73: M. LEE, BROWER, RHOADS, Har

Bill Information: HB 1689: Prescription record privacy; SB 1261: Hospital infection reporting; SB 170: Reporting of staph infections; SB 361: Single use medical devices; HR 73: Requesting the Department of Health to establish reporting requirements for hospitals and medical facilities regarding hospital-acquired infections. Companion is HCR 93


Illinois – HB 185; SB 105

Bill Status: HB 185: Introduced 1/14; Assigned to Human Services Committee on 2/4; 3/24: Passed House, moved to Senate; SB 105: Introduced 1/30; 2/4: Assigned to Public Health; 3/9: Amendment No. 1, 2 referred to Senate committee on Assignments; 3/25: To House Committee on Rules

Bill Sponsor: HB 185: Reps. Patricia Bellock, Sidney Mathias, Sandy Cole, Rosemary Mulligan; SB 105: Sen. Christine Radogno

Bill Information: HB 185: State facility MRSA screening; SB 105: State facility MRSA screening


Indiana — HB 1539

Bill Status: Introduced 1/16, referred to House Committee on Public Health

Bill Sponsor: Rep. Noe

Bill Information: annual report on the number of MRSA infections at the hospital


Iowa – SF 48; SF 389 (formerly SF 48)

Bill Status: Introduced 1/27, referred to Human Resources; 1/28: Subcommittee, Hatch Bolkcom, and Seymour; SF 389: 3/10 committee report approving bill

Bill Sponsor: Hatch
Bill Information: Establishes insurance exchange; prohibits gifts to health care practitioners. No reimbursement of providers for an otherwise covered service if the service is required solely on account of the provider’s avoidable medical error.


Kentucky – HB 67 (BR 236)

Bill Status: Prefiled 12/3/08; Introduced in House 1/6/09; 1/7: Referred to Health and Welfare (H)

Bill Sponsor: Rep. Melvin Henley

Bill Information: Hospital acquired and multi-drug resistant infections reporting bill


Maryland – SB 750

Bill Status: Introduced and read first time 2/6, assigned to Finance

Bill Sponsor: Senator Gladden

Bill Information: MRSA and VRE reporting bill


Massachusetts – HB 2139

Bill Status: Filed 1/14

Bill Sponsor: Denise Provost, John W. Scibak, Carl Sciortino, Jr., et. al

Bill Information: MRSA screening of high risk patients and reporting back to the health department and patient safety center.


Michigan – HB 4010

Bill Status: Introduced 1/22, referred to House Committee on Health Policy

Bill Sponsor: Rep. Lessia Liss

Bill Information: Hospital infection reporting


Minnesota – HF 724

Bill Status: Introduced 2/12, referred to Health Care and Human Services Policy and Oversight

Bill Sponsor: Kahn; Huntley; Thissen, Murphy, E; Clark

Bill Information: Hospital-acquired infections, including MRSA, required to be reported as adverse events.


Mississippi – HB 811

Bill Status: Introduced 1/19, referred to Public Health and Human Services; Judiciary A; Died in Committee 2/3/09.

Bill Sponsor: Lane, Evans, Scott

Bill information: Pharma must disclose gifts/fee

Missouri – HB 286

Bill Status: Introduced 1/15, referred to Healthcare Transformation 1/22; 2/3: Public hearing completed; 2/10: Voted Do Pass with Amendments; 2/11: Referred to Rules Committee-do pass on 2/18; HB 286 w/ HCS; hearing not scheduled. House Calendar. House Bills for perfection-consent 2/19.

Bill Sponsor: Reps. Robert Schaaf, Sander, Cooper

Bill information: Changes infection control law; MRSA control programs

Nevada – SB 325

Bill Status: Referred to Health and Education Committee 3/14; amended by committee on 4/14; passed Senate 4/16; in Assembly 4/17 and referred to Health and Human Services Committee.

Bill Sponsor: Sen. Cegavske

Bill information: MRSA screening, isolating and reporting bill amended to encourage instead of require hospitals develop a program. Reporting MRSA has been stripped from the bill.

New Hampshire – HB 433; HB 40; HB 592

Bill Status: HB 433: passed House 3/25/09; Referred to Senate Health Committee 4/8/09. HB 40: Introduced 1/7, referred to House Executive Departments and Administration committee; Hearing on 1/21; Due out of committee on 2/19; HB 592: Introduced 1/8, referred to Health, Human Services & Elderly Affairs; Due out of committee 3/19; 3/24: floor date;

Bill Sponsor: HB 433: Rep. Pepeno; HB 40: Reps. David Hess, Peter Batula, Charles McMahon, Leo Pepino; HB 592: Reps. Peter Batula, David Hess, Anne-Marie Irwin, Kathleen Sgambati, Robert Letourneau, Cindy Rosenwald, Joy Tilton, Sheila Roberge; HB 433: Reps. Pepino, Batula, C. McMahon, Hess, Welch, Sens. Gatsas, Roberge

Bill Information: HB 40: administrative fine of up to $1,000 for each day of noncompliance upon any hospital required to report infection rates; HB 592: adverse events reporting. HB 433: appropriation to fund the reporting of hospital infections


New Mexico– SB 408

Bill Status: Passed Senate and House; signed by Governor on 4/7/09.

Bill Sponsor: Sen. Dede Feldman

Bill Information: Creates hospital infection advisory committee

New York – A 294; A 886; A 2987; A 3977; S 496; S 2189

Bill Status: A 294: 1/7: Referred to Health; A 886: Prefiled 1/7, referred to Health; A 2987: 1/22: Referred to Health; A 3977: 1/29: Referred to Health; S 496: 1/7/09: Referred to Health; S 2189: 2/13/09: Referred to Aging

Bill Sponsor: A 294: Magnarelli; Lancman, Eddington, Galef, Benedetto, Millman, Brook-Krasny, Colton, DelMonte, Cahill, Spano, Clark, Jaffree, Koon, Espaillat; A 886: McDonough, Finch, Bacalles, Thiele, Townsend; A 2987: Cusick; A 3977: Mayersohn; S 496: Sen. Lanza; S 2189: Sen. Golden

Bill Information: A 294: Establishes standards and programs related to the prevention and/or reduction of hospital acquired infections; A 886: hospital infection reporting; A 2987: notifying hospital patients about hospital infections; A 3977: Prohibits coverage plans, including Medicaid, from reimbursing hospital infection related costs; S 496: same as A 2987; S 2189: hospital infection reporting.


North Carolina – HB 296, SB 330

Bill Status: HB 296: Introduced 2/26; passed favorably by Health Committee; referred to Appropriations Committee on 3/9. SB 330: referred to Appropriations/Base Budget Committee.

Bill Sponsor: HB 296: Rep. M. Alexander, Allen; SB 330: Purcell

Bill Information: provides for funding of hospital infection reporting.


Rhode Island – SB 187

Bill Status: Introduced 2/4, referred to Senate Health and Human Services

Bill Sponsor: Senator C Levesque

Bill Information: hospital infection reporting

South Carolina – SB 629; SB 619

Bill Status: SB 629: Introduced 3/26, referred to Senate Committee on Medical Affairs; SB 619: Introduced 3/25, referred to Senate Committee on Medical Affairs

Bill Sponsor: SB 629: Senator Reese; SB 619: Senator Anderson

Bill Information: SB 629: MRSA screening and isolation for high risk patients; SB 619: Allows the Department of Health and Environmental Control to combine data pursuant to the “Hospital Infections Disclosure Act” and to require the Board of Health and Environmental Control rather than the commissioner of the Department to appoint a hospital infection advisory committee, makes compliance with this act a condition of hospital licensure, and permits monetary penalties for noncompliance.

Texas – SB 7; HB 344; SB 203; SB 151; SB 553; HB 1386; SB 1535; SB 1816 (HB 1362);

Bill Status: SB 7: Passed Senate on 4/17/09. introduced 3/12/09; reported favorably as substituted by Public Health Committee 4/15/09; placed on intent calendar 4/16/09; HB 334: Introduced 11/25/08; SB 203: Prefiled 11/10/08, received by the Secretary of the Senate; SB 151: Filed 11/10/08, received by the Secretary of the Senate; SB 553: Introduced 1/27, received by the Secretary of the Senate; 2/3: Co-author authorized; HB 1386: Filed 2/18; 3/2: referred to Public Health committee; reported favorably out of committee 4/16/09. SB 1535: Billed filed 3/9; SB 1816: Health and Human Services Committee on 3/20.

Bill Sponsor: HB 344: Leibowitz; SB 203: Shapleigh; SB 151: Ellis; SB 553: Lucio, Carona, Wendy Davis, Duell, Ellis, Wentworth; HB 1386: Yvonne Davis; SB 1535: Hinojosa; SB1816: Van DePutte; HB1362: Gutierrez.

Bill Information: HB 7: Medicare nonpayment rules for TX Medical assistance program; medical error reporting; HB 344: Prohibits state Medicaid reimbursement for all 27 never events; SB 203: Relates to the reporting of MRSA infection rates in hospitals; SB 151: physician gift disclosure; SB 553: physician gift disclosure; HB 1386: reporting of deaths due to hospital infections; SB 1535: Medicaid nonpayment of certain preventable adverse events and reporting of hospital infections

Vermont – SB 48; H 212

Bill Status: SB 48: Introduced 1/28; 1/30: Read the first time and referred to Committee on Finance; H 212: 2/13: Read first time and referred to the Committee on Health Care

Bill Sponsor: SB 48: Sens. Peter Sumlin, Kevn Mullin, Matthew Choate, Timothy Ashe; H 212: Rep. Donna Sweaney

Bill Information: SB 48: eliminating most Pharma gifts to physicians and disclosing others; H 212: Health care commissioner, in consultation with representatives from the public oversight commission, hospitals, etc. shall adopt rules establishing a standard format for the content of reports, including measures of hospital-acquired infections.

Washington – HB 1123; SB 5500; HB 2375

Bill Status: Signed by Governor 4/28; Chapter No. 244; HB 1123: Introduced 1/14, House Health Care and Wellness Committee; 1/27: hearing; 2/13: Scheduled for executive session in the House Committee on Health Care & Wellness; substituted and recommended to be passed; 3/11: referred to Senate Health & Long-Term Care; hearing schedules for 3/25. SB 5500: Introduced 1/23, referred to Health & Long-Term Care; 2/4: Public hearing; 2/5: Executive action taken; 2/6: HEA-Majority: do pass. Passed to Rules Committee for second reading; HB 2375 introduced and referred to House Health Care and Wellness on 4/16.

Bill Sponsor: HB 1123: Campbell, Morrell, Hunter, Pedersen, Chase, Ormsby, Simpson, Wood, Conway; SB 5500: Sens. Keiser, Pflug, Franklin, Parlette, Murray, Kohl-Welles

Bill Information: HB 1123: Reducing spread of multi-drug resistant organisms; SB 5500: MRSA screening of ICU patients