I expect the company to stand behind their product

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What I would expect from a good warranty:
I expect the company to stand behind their product. I understand that it’s impossible to guarantee great results for every person so the warranty should cover any product defects including the proper model for each individual.

Anthony’s story:
My hip replacement occurred 3 years ago. They used a Depuy product and I questioned this choice due to all the negative press I had seen about this item. My doctor explained that not all Depuy products were the same and that the one he had decided on would be well suited for me. I postponed the surgery until I was barely able to walk. I used a cane and it took several minutes to get up from a chair. The surgery took place on a Saturday afternoon and that evening I was doing a limited amount of walking in the halls. I went home the next morning and for the next 2 weeks it was extremely difficult and I questioned ever having this done. Rehab started a few days after I got home and after 3 weeks I was walking without a cane. After 4 weeks I was back on the golf course walking fine. While I am aware that both hips are not exactly the same, I do not have any problems. My only regret is waiting so long to have the surgery done. So far, I have been very pleased with the product and the results.