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  • Why Not The Best? Comparative Reports on Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections

    Users of can now search for and compare data for nearly 1,000 hospitals on the incidence of central line–associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs)—one of the most lethal hospital-acquired complications. The data show wide variation in CLABSI incidence, in spite of strong evidence on how to prevent them. The updated data is made possible through a partnership among The Commonwealth Fund, The Leapfrog Group, and Consumers Union.

  • Sen. Chuck Grassley letter to Health Research and Services Administration concerning removal of National Practitioner Data Bank’s Public Use File

    Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa today asked the head of a federal agency to explain a decision to shut down public access to data on malpractice payouts, hospital discipline and regulatory sanctions against doctors and other health professionals

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User Submitted Links (6)

  • On April 2, 2009 Clarence Wordehoff posted:

    I agree that all errors need to be exposed and corrective action put in place to prevent future ocurances.

  • On May 7, 2009 Pamela Dannacher Zepeda posted:

    My 84-year-old Mother recently fell out of bed in the hospital and has an airborne lung disease, possibly from the hospital (she rarely goes out or has visitors other than a few family members).

  • On May 26, 2009 June McGowan posted:

    I have no comment

  • On January 21, 2010 Katie posted:

    I took my husband to the local Knoxville hospital ER a few years ago for stomach flu. They started a IV, and sent him home after 3 hours. At the injection site, he had a horrible infection that took him many Dr visits and lots of medicine and pain to clear up. Really scary.

  • On September 28, 2010 Pamela Dannacher Zepeda posted:

    My Mom is 85 now and received 3 months of protonics medication in the mail that neither she nor any of her doctors ordered. The company sent a separate letter requesting that my Mother get a doctor’s OK for the meds. We sent them back and told our doctors and the prescription company involved. WOW!

  • On June 23, 2011 M. Bentley posted:

    At a large clinic here in Mason City, Ia. I was treated extremely poorly & even screamed at & threatened by a Dr. who I thought was a good Dr. I had always treated her respectfully & didn’t understand this behavior from her. Sadly, she is running this clinic still! Needless to say, I found another Doc who treats me with respect. I believe this treatment was because I’m on Medicaid. How sad.