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Goodbye old steaks and Florentine steaks, now it’s time to make room for “synthetic” meat. No, there is no need to turn up your nose, but rather to get curious and maybe try the new food trends of 2022.

According to the New York Times, in fact, 2022 will see an exponential growth of new foods on the tables, which include meat produced in the laboratory, algae, but also the rediscovery of mushrooms that had been forgotten in recent years, such as “oyster mushrooms or chilblains”. Here’s what we could taste in the next few months and why it could also be good for us.

Mushrooms are very rich in protein

But what are the trendiest foods in 2022? For example oyster mushrooms, less known than others, such as champignons or porcini. The name, in fact, may not say much species to the younger ones, but it is a very common variety in Italy, known with the name of “geloni mushrooms” or “oyster mushrooms” due to the classic shape and the fact that they are even in the middle of winter.

Among the features is the ease of recognizing them (but it is always better not to collect them if you are not an expert!), To cultivate them (they are widespread in northern Italy) and to cook them, together with the fact that they also have excellent organoleptic and therapeutic properties.

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Algae have Omega 3, proteins and carbohydrates«Mushrooms are foods with very interesting potential from a nutritional point of view due to their protein and carbohydrate content. They also have adaptogenic functions, that is, the ability to increase the body’s resistance to various kinds of stress: they act, in fact, on the immune system in an anti-stress key “explains Dr. Francesco Balducci, anti-aging doctor and nutritionist.

“It is clear, however, that we must not exaggerate because if you eat them every day they can overload the liver – explains Balducci – They should rather be considered an occasional delicacy, to be used as an accessory protein source because they provide proteins, even if not to an extent comparable to those animals “.

Algae have Omega 3, proteins and carbohydrates

A positive opinion arrives for algae, considering among the “new foods”: “The main nutritional advantage is that they are rich in Omega 3, which are the fats that are good for you and whose anti-inflammatory properties are known – he explains again. the doctor –

They could meet certain needs, also for their protein and carbohydrate intake: in short, they contain all three macronutrients, even if not adequately for a balanced diet. So, they are welcome, but we do not think we eat only or too much of these foods ».