Kidney Transplant Error Caught on Tape

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On April 6, 2006, a Cleveland hospital did a kidney transplant on my son with his aunt as the donor. They were making a movie of this surgery for UNOS (United Network for Organ Sharing), which someone sent to us in secret when the surgery was over. The head of transplant surgery and the head laparoscopic surgeon did the surgery. They ripped the kidney out of the donor, killing the kidney and injuring the donor so badly that she had to have a second surgery to repair the leaks in her and she was left unable to have children. They put the dead kidney in my son. He and the donor were seriously ill for a month after the surgery. My son had unnecessary brutal treatments on him when they knew the kidney was dead anyway. He was 22 years old at the time, and they tortured him. We received the copy of the movie during this time and saw the additional medical blunders that were done while transplanting the kidney; such as the wrong stitches, sleeping assistants, and many more things. We had to force them to do something for my son and his aunt. They were leaving them to die to cover up what they had done. By the time the kidney was taken out a month later, it was black and dead and septic inside him. It was ready to explode, and if it had, he wouldn’t be here now. When we approached the Cleveland hospital with this, they could have cared less. Their only regret was that we had caught them on film. They said it has happened before. Unfortunately, you just happened to catch us. That’s when we decided to go public with this, so it would never happen to anyone else.