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State Disclosure Reports

  • Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) in Massachusetts Acute Care Hospitals

Consumers Union Documents

  • State Medical Error Report Links

    Reports from the states with laws requiring public reporting of medical errors.

  • State Hospital Infection Public Reporting Laws

    Summary of state laws hospital infection reporting laws.

Blog Posts

  • New Resource for Those Dissatisfied with a Health Care Experience

    Guest blog post by Deb Wachenheim, Health Quality Manager at Health Care For All (HCFA) in Boston. HCFA has launched a new website that can help patients in Massachusetts and across the country speak up when something goes wrong in the hospital. There is information on asking for help when you are in the hospital, advice on how to file a complaint, and resources available to help you.

  • Watch these personal stories — Quality Care Saves Lives!

    I’d like to point you to four brave patients, who debuted their videos to lawmakers at the Massachusetts State House and encouraged them to take an active role to improve patient safety.

  • 3 minutes of your time could save your life

    I needed an antidote. Too many drug ads—smiling people glowing with the pleasure of their successful medical treatments. But of course, they are actors.

  • Free drug samples hardly help the poor

    If you are poor, uninsured, non-English speaking, or an ethnic or racial minority, you are less likely to receive free drug samples, according to a first of its kind study by Harvard researchers at the Cambridge Health Alliance.

News Articles

  • The Public’s Views on Medical Error in Massachusetts
    Source: Harvard School of Public Health (Sunday December 14, 2014)

    The report commissioned by the Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety and Medical Error Reduction reveals the public’s ambivalence and confusion about reporting medical errors.

  • Medical errors in Mass. still common, study finds
    Source: Boston Globe (Tuesday December 2, 2014)

    Work done by the Betsy Lehman Center for Patient Safety reports that a quarter of MA residents had a medical error but many did not report the error because they didn’t think it would do any good.

  • FDA Warns Against Hysterectomy Technique That May Spread Cancer
    Source: ABC News (Thursday April 17, 2014)

    A Boston couple behind a campaign to stop doctors from performing a risky surgical procedure is applauding a new U.S. Food and Drug Administration warning against doctors performing the procedure called laparoscopic power morcellation. The FDA warned doctors that this procedure to uterus or uterine fibroids poses a risk of spreading unsuspected cancerous tissue beyond the uterus.

  • Superbugs stalk Hub hospitals
    Source: Boston Herald (Tuesday December 31, 2014)

    Boston Herald reports: “The federal government’s first release of data detailing the spread of deadly, antibiotic-resistant superbugs shows that even in and around Boston’s health-care mecca, hospitals are lagging dangerously, with hundreds of Bay State patients being infected in just the first quarter of 2013.”

  • 5 Cape Cod Hospital patients possibly exposed to fatal brain disease, like New Hampshire cases
    Source: Boston Globe (Thursday September 5, 2013)

    Boston Globe reports: “Five patients at Cape Cod Hospital may have been exposed to a rare, fatal brain disease as a result of spinal surgery performed with a potentially contaminated specialized instrument that also exposed patients at a New Hampshire hospital.”

  • Brigham and Women’s airing medical mistakes
    Source: The Boston Globe (Tuesday April 9, 2013)

    The hospital reports errors to staff through a monthly newsletter in an effort to reduce errors

  • Students, doctors protest looser medical gift ban in state budget
    Source: Boston Globe (Friday July 6, 2012)

    Governor Deval Patrick is scheduled Sunday to sign a new $32.5 billion state budget that would likely loosen a ban on gifts from drug and medical device companies to doctors. The proposed measure scales back restrictions imposed in 2008, and would now allow companies to pay for “modest” meals and refreshments for doctors as part of informational sessions about their products.

  • Once a model, state medical board lags badly
    Source: Boston Globe (Monday March 19, 2012)

    Doctor record secrecy is commonplace in Massachusetts, due to physician-friendly provisions in state law, the board’s policy of purging certain records, sometimes in violation of state law, and outdated technology.

  • State report finds high infection rate for vaginal hysterectomies; other surgical infections below national estimates
    Source: Boston Globe (Tuesday February 21, 2012)

    infections for coronary artery bypass surgery, knee and hip replacements, and abdominal hysterectomies have decreased but those for vaginal hysterectomies have increased.

  • Massachusetts releases report cards on hospital-acquired infections
    Source: Boston Globe (Wednesday February 8, 2012)

    Massachusetts public health officials have called together patient safety leaders to determine why hospitals reported a high rate of surgical infections among women who received vaginal hysterectomies over the past two years.

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Research and Reports

  • The Assertive Patient
    Source: The Assertive Patient (Monday September 10, 2012)

    A Guide to Speaking Up When You Are Dissatisfied With A Health Care Experience by Health Care For All.

  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturer Code of ConductThis page provides information relating to the Massachusetts Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturer Code of Conduct (PCOC) regulation. Reports on drug and medical device industry gifts to physicians.
  • 2009 Patient Experiences in Primary CareIn Massachusetts you can look up information about patients’ experiences at their doctor’s offices.
  • Healthcare Performance in MassachusettsMassachusetts ratings of physician practices.