Medical errors

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From the point of view of the daniela nunez heart transplant above-mentioned areas of responsibility, a common concept that determines the possibility of a patient’s claims is the occurrence of a so-called medical error.

According to the case-law forever young chiropractic mt washington ky, the determination of a medical error depends on the answer to the question whether the doctor’s conduct in the particular situation and taking into account the totality of the circumstances existing at the time of the procedure, and in particular the data that he then had or could have had, was in accordance with the requirements of current medical knowledge and science and generally accepted medical practice on

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In the practice of jurisprudence, the following classification of therapeutic errors is accepted: diagnostic, therapeutic, technical and organizational. A diagnostic error is made at the stage of diagnosing a disease and is reduced to a situation in which the doctor draws conclusions from the symptoms of the disease other than those dictated by medical knowledge. Mistakes of this kind include not recognizing certain symptoms at all, as well as failing to carry out the tests themselves to make a diagnosis or omitting such tests.

The source of this error is the failure to carry out tests to make a correct diagnosis or the doctor missed the symptoms of the disease and did not use the means at his disposal to determine these symptoms safe patient project. A therapeutic error is often associated with or even a consequence of a diagnostic error and occurs when there is a lack of action to create the right conditions for the patient’s therapy, for example. leaving the patient at home or not taking him to the hospital or creating situational conditions that significantly worsen the patient’s condition .

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Medical errorsA therapeutic error can also occur on its own when, with the correct diagnosis medication errors stories, a treatment deviating from the rules of conduct accepted by medical science is used.

The doctor making the wrong diagnosis, in the sense of not recognizing the condition, is not aware of the fact (not aware of the danger medical errors in the united states) that the patient is in a situation that threatens life or health.

Even if it foresees the possibility of such a risk, it rejects this possibility in its case study . Technical error this is a technically incorrect performance of diagnostic and therapeutic measures – stories of medication errors. This error is not always associated only with the treatment activity.

It may occur, for example, in the administration of another medicine instead of the one that was intended and coordinated as part of the therapeutic activity medication errors in hospitals stories. Organizational error is a consequence of the defective organization of medical assistance, which does not remain without impact on the life and health of patients. We always deal with a medical error when a serious damage to the patient’s well-being arose not as a result of a faulty treatment process, but in connection with the poor organization of the work of doctors and medical staff .

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This error may be due, for example, to deficiencies in the provision of medical equipment and equipment, lack of qualification or training of practical staff, poor organization of work in the department, including failure to ensure cooperation between the organizational cells of the medical entity medical erros.