Misdiagnosed for four years

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Beginning in 1994, my wife Betty LeBlanc was misdiagnosed for more than four years with fibromyalgia. Because we have no approved accurate laboratory test for Lyme disease my wife and thousands like her have been and continue to be misdiagnosed.

We have had to travel out of state to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment for Lyme disease. Initially, my wife was diagnosed as borderline and was refused any antibiotics at that time. When we brought back a recommended treatment of IV antibiotics we were refused any treatment by four different medical facilities. I have also been misdiagnosed. There are thousands more like us that have had to struggle to find a Lyme literate doctor (LLMD). LLMDs are being persecuted for “trying” to treat chronic Lyme sufferers.

We started a Lyme disease support group here in central Virginia in June of 2008 and meet monthly. I am the Director of the Central Virginia Chapter under the umbrella of The National Capitol Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Association. You can click on Chapters to find more information the chapter and the NATCAPLYME organization as well.