New Mexico Healthcare Associated Infections Annual Report 2014

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Vaccines, one of the achievements of modern medicine

Specialists analyze the past and present of vaccination, in a symposium organized by the CUCS

Vaccines are the best tool we have against deadly diseases, such as COVID-19, a virus that the world has been facing for test propionate cycle efficiency a year, said the Rector of the University Center for Health Sciences (CUCS), Dr. José Francisco Muñoz Valle, at the opening of the 1st Vaccine Symposium, “From basic immunology to its application to the population:

He stressed that immunization is one of the most successful health programs in the world, which each year saves millions of lives of children, adults and the elderly, since vaccines reduce the risk of acquiring an infectious disease, working at the same time with the immune system.

“According to data from the World Health Organization, every year between two and three million lives are saved thanks to the same number of doses of vaccines applied.

Vaccination is a key and fundamental part of global health systems, thanks to which it is possible to prevent outbreaks of infectious diseases, reduce premature death, improve people’s lives and preserve the human right to health”, he pointed out.

Science at the service of society

He pointed out that in the last decade more than a billion children have been vaccinated in the world. But even with the progress of science and the wide range of vaccines developed and available on the market, every year 20 million babies in the world have insufficient access to vaccines, which puts at risk the advances in the eradication of infectious diseases and it represents a setback in the advances of the last decades to improve human health.

Science at the service of society“These data show our country, and forces us to take action in this regard for vaccination coverage, and that it reaches each one of the girls and boys. This must be a priority for the authorities, health systems and the University”, emphasized Muñoz Valle.

In giving the conference “Historical perspectives of vaccination: from Jenner to the present”, the Head of the CUCS Immunology Laboratory, Dr. Adrián Daneri Navarro, made a historical tour of vaccines, highlighting the impact they have had on health, economy and society.

“There is no other advance in medicine as relevant as this one. Mexico has played an important role, at the beginning of the 20th century, in relation to the maintenance of biologicals. Great immunologists who made relevant contributions, which ended with the recognition that has been had worldwide”, he pointed out.