NorthEast Voices for Error Reduction (NEVER)

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NEVER Mission Statement

The mission of NorthEast Voices for Error Reduction (NEVER) is the empowerment of patients and the elimination of healthcare harm by

  • Advocating for patient interests in healthcare delivery,
  • Educating the public, the media, elected officials about patient safety,
  • Working toward a transparent and accountable healthcare system.

NEVER Members
NEVER (NorthEast Voices for Error Reduction) is made up of member patient safety and advocacy organizations located throughout the northeast. The following entries reflect our strength, our diversity, and our mission by introducing you to our membership:



The CT Center for Patient Safety is a health consumer advocacy and educational not-for-profit organization. The Connecticut Center for Patient Safety works in our communities, within our healthcare systems, and with elected officials to improve the quality of healthcare and to protect the rights of injured patients through education, accountability, and advocacy.In line with CTCP’s mission, the CT Center for Patient Safety is a forceful voice for the health care consumer with seats on many local and national organizations and agencys. We offer programs educating consumers, medical professionals and legislators in issues related to all aspects of patient safety. We represent the “consumer voice” and bring a human element and a real meaning to patient centered care. We are well versed in grassroots advocacy and legislative initiatives in our field and can share our practices and strategies.


Kathy Day has been a Licensed Professional RN for 42 years. The Professional Nurse’s first priority is patients and their safe high quality care. While working in 4 Hospital Emergency Rooms, Millinocket Regional Hospital , Maine Medical Center, Calais Regional Hospital and Eastern Maine Medical Center, she cared and advocated for thousands of Mainers. Her father’s tragic death after a Hospital Acquired Infection led her to Patient Safety Advocacy and Activism. Her goals are to: Promote safe high quality Healthcare, Advocate for patients and give them a voice, and to Empower patients with knowledge and accurate information.


HCFA seeks to create a consumer-centered health care system that provides comprehensive, affordable, accessible, culturally competent, high quality care and consumer education for everyone, especially the most vulnerable. We work to achieve this as leaders in public policy, advocacy, education and service to consumers in Massachusetts.

OUR MISSION Medically Induced Trauma Support Services (MITSS), Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in June of 2002 whose mission is “To Support Healing and Restore Hope” to patients, families, and clinicians who have been affected by an adverse medical event.
OUR PURPOSE To create awareness, promote open and honest communication, and to provide services to patients, families, and clinicians affected by medically induced trauma.
OUR VISION Our vision is for all those involved in a medically induced trauma to have access to support services. We envision a more compassionate, people-centered healthcare system.

New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Patient Voices is a charitable organization whose mission is advocating for healthcare that is safe, high-quality, compassionate and designed around the needs of patients and families. Lori was a maternal-child health nurse for sixteen years before becoming a patient safety advocate in 2005 after the death of her mother from a series of complications and medical errors. Since 2010, she has been the Executive Director of New Hampshire Patient Voices. She has worked with legislators and policy makers on patient safety legislation, serves on the NH Technical Advisory Workgroup for Infection Reporting, the New England Comparative Effectiveness Public Advisory Council (CEPAC), and has participated in state and national workgroups on healthcare associated infection issues and patient safety. She has been a speaker at Consumers Union Annual Summits and Dartmouth College’s Patient Safety Class for Medical and Public Health students.

New York:


The death of my mother, Alice Brennan, to preventable medical error, including but not limited to multiple Healthcare Acquired Infections was a defining moment for me. In her memory, with the help and guidance of my Consumers Union Safe Patient Project friends and mentors, I have devoted my energy to educating future
generations of nurses, physicians and pharmacists about their unique roles in ensuring patient safety. By teaching, in a volunteer capacity, at the medical, pharmacy and nursing schools at the University at Buffalo and nursing school at Niagara University in addition to participating in Grand Rounds at area hospitals, I strive to put a human face on this national crisis. My husband, John Taylor and four children have been my source of strength and support. Professionally, I am the Director of a county-wide Rape and Sexual Assault program and a Domestic Violence Victim’s advocacy and shelter program.

Sporkworld takes a literary and social justice approach to health care reform, through a digital workshop of contemporary culture captured on the banks of the Erie Canal in Western New York. Martha is busy with writing poetry and essays on cultural and health-related issues area(s) of expertise for the purpose of speaking engagements including patient advocacy, illness narratives, and readings from the recently released book, The Last Collaboration

The Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation works to increase prevention of and minimize death and disability resulting from clostridium difficile infection and associated diseases by educating physicians, patients, and the public at large, and by advocating for proven solutions within health care and public health systems. The Peggy Lillis Memorial Foundation (PLMF), is a volunteer-led educational organization, co-founded with his brother, Liam, following the death of their mother from a clostridium difficile (C. diff) infection in April 2010. PLMF works to increase prevention of and minimize death and disability resulting from C. diff infections by educating physicians, patients, and the public at large, and by advocating for proven solutions within health care and public health systems. Christian executive produced PLMF’s public service announcement, “FIGHT C. DIFF”, and a complimentary educational video. Christian’s “day job” is serving as managing director of research & prospect development at Teach For America, one of America’s premier education reform organizations. With more than 12 years’ experience as a frontline fundraiser and behind-the-scenes strategist for healthcare, LGBT rights, and education organizations, he leads prospect identification and development research programs that drive increased resource development both nationally and regionally.

Rhode Island:

Pat Mastors is a hospital patient advocate and former medical reporter committed to initiatives that put patients at the center of care – focusing on the engagement of patients and their advocates, and restoring dignity and humanity to the patient’s experience. Her patient advocacy began with the sudden hospitalization of her father in 2005, when a fall down the stairs required surgery – it was an otherwise successful surgery, but complications of a common infection called Clostridium difficile caused his death 6 months later. She then launched an informational website about the risk of infection in hospitals, lobbied successfully to pass two patient safety laws in her home state (Rhode Island), and is a speaker, blogger and author of If IKEA Designed Health Care: 9 Ways It Would Partner With Patients (to be published November 2012 by Morgan-James Publishing. FYI I have no affiliation with IKEA). Pat has had more than 20 years of experience as a television news anchor and medical reporter in several New England television stations. More recently, she has created a unique patient engagement device that “hard-wires” best practices for collaboration between patients and caregivers, now an integral part of a $14 Million Medicare Innovation-funded project (see device at


Keller & Fuller, Inc. is a consulting firm formed in 1998 to provide public and private sector clients with project management, policy research and analysis, and advocacy strategies. Keller & Fuller is working toward Evidence-Based Healthcare Reform. Their blog is a discussion about health care reform in Vermont. Jeanne Keller is most recognized for her work for the past ten years as a consultant to Business Resource Services, Inc. (BRS) on health care reform, patient safety and quality improvement. She blogs on health care reform at Ms. Keller’s role in health care public policy in Vermont is unparalleled. Working as an advocate, risk manager, policy analyst and consultant in Vermont since 1979, Ms. Keller has been involved in virtually all major health care policy initiatives in the state for the past three decades. Ms. Keller brings a distinct “purchaser” perspective to the task, having represented consumers and employers during her entire career. Her clients have included the Vermont State Employees Association the Vermont League of Cities and Towns, the Vermont Department of Health, Providence Health Systems of Portland, Oregon, Merck & Company, Smart Growth Vermont and others. Keller attended Stanford University and Indiana University, has a BA in Communications, MS in Educational Television Design, and received an Associate Degree in Risk Management from the Insurance Institute of America. She has a Masters Certificate in Baldrige Performance Improvement from the Vermont Council on Quality.