Partnering to Heal video training program

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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2011).

Quarantine is a very difficult time for people with children. Combining work, comfort care (including homework) and household chores is very difficult. I find out every day when my only child is bored, impatient or when I have to do tasks with her, reply to messages and cook dinner at the same time.

I believe that despite these difficulties, this can be the moment when we will spend more time on joint fun and physical activity.

Family exercise is extremely important. Wanting to infect a child with a love of movement is not enough to talk about their own workouts. It is necessary to show the child that the movement is pleasant and significant. When I write physical activity, I do not mean preparation for competitions, systematic training, but exercises, movement games, which, by the way, positively affect the “body” and “mind”. If you spend a pleasant time on joint exercises, in the subconscious of the child you build a positive picture of activity. Remember, the purpose of training is primarily good fun and not the result. When starting classes, do not focus on a certain number of repetitions, on the perfect repetition of exercises. Make room for changes, for modifying movement tasks and spontaneity. Children in a wonderful way will reciprocate with joy, commitment and a smile.

FOR WARM-UP – Start with the movement games that your child likes.

In this way, we recently discovered the game “magic number 7”, which also develops imagination and memory. We had a great time with her!

Another suggestion is to pretend to be an animal, perform simple gymnastic exercises especially in twos or dance. At the top there are also any obstacle courses “Ninja Warrior”, which can be arranged even in a small space. The more fun and relaxed the first joint training will be, the easier it will be for you to encourage further joint activities.

Children like to do something together, have a common challenge. So do as many exercises as possible, during which you high-five, hold hands, cooperate (for example, not to lose balance), the child jumps over you, etc. Reach for the ball, with which you can perform many interesting exercises, jump over the rope (strap, string).

Me and IGA also like animal Flow classes. Bending in different directions gives us a lot of joy. We play rhythmic music and practice. Sometimes we practice until the end together, sometimes after some time IGA does something else (starts running or dancing) and I do something else, but next to each other. All the time we talk and admire each other, brag about the acquired skills or talk about the difficulties encountered. Michael and IGA love for it all sorts of “fighting”, pushing and fixing.


Because we know that there is a lack of materials with exercises for whole families together with my partner and Iga we record short workouts in which we show how you can practice with your child. You’ll be able to find them online soon. We present in them a whole range of exercises that children like to perform, are a challenge for both them and their parents and at the same time allow them to have fun.