John Kamp, the head of the Coalition for Healthcare Communication spoke at the conference,

Not only does a sizeable swath of the public remain wary of prescription-drug advertising, but a Democratic Congress would likely lead more hearings into promotional practices, and possibly more legislation. We still have alot of enemies out there…the noise about our industry is going to be very hot.

Kamp also said that in order to gain credibility, drug ads need to be more, “careful, truthful, straightforward and transparent.”

The drug industry will have to do alot more than just be straightforward in a few ads to improve their image with the public. A few weeks ago, we learned that Bayer did not reveal the results of a study of their heart surgery drug Trasylol to the FDA, which showed the drug has serious side effects. Bayer is just the latest drug company that has failed come clean about side effects of their drugs.

As we saw with drugs like Vioxx and Paxil, thousands can lose their lives or be injured when the public does not have all the information it needs on side effects of medications. The drug industry should start being more truthful and straightforward about alot of things, not just their ads.

Giving consumers the truth, its an interesting concept…and one that the drug industry should pay more attention to.