Put this one in the jaw-dropping-to-the-floor category: The Guardian reports that U.S. deputy health secretary Alex Azar urged his British counterparts to open the British national health system to more drugs and pushed for direct-to-consumer (DTC) drug ads in Britain.

According to the Guardian, Azar simply made the same arguments drug companies always make about the need for every drug on the planet to be made available to all, even if a drug is expensive and not proven to be any better than other drugs. Consumers Union’s Best Buy Drugs project reviews medical evidence and often finds the latest, most expensive drug is actually no better than an older, cheaper drug. So while choice can be a good thing, a more expensive and ineffective drug is not a good choice for you, your insurance company, or a government program that has to pay the bill.

Mr. Azar should stop lecturing the British and focus on doing something to make drugs safer and cheaper in this country.