A program of Consumer Reports, Best Buy Drugs, was highlighted in the news this week after releasing a study stating that older, cheaper diabetes drugs are just as safe and effective as the newer, more expensive ones on the market right now.

Good news for cost-conscious diabetics, but more bad news for Avandia whose sales have already fallen by about half in the US since the safety of the drug was called into question in May. Furthermore, another study was released today which concluded that Avandia doesn’t “reduce death, stop new health complications or improve diabetics’ quality of life,” and in fact “contributes to weight gain, swelling, heart risks and broken bones.”

Best Buy Drugs’ top recommendations included metformin, glipizide and glimepiride (sold as Glucophage, Amaryl and Glucotrol, respectively), prescriptions which may cost diabetics as little as $100 for a year’s supply, as oppsed to newer drugs which could cost up to $260 per month.