In response to the absurd and factually incorrect claims made during the health care reform debate, a network of patient safety advocates across the country have declared their support for President Obama’s efforts to improve our broken health system. Patients who have experienced firsthand the devastating effects of unsafe care banded together to prepare this powerful statement, excerpted below.

For more than four decades the problems with our healthcare system have only grown worse, even as healthcare leaders and others have done little that is meaningful to fix the lethal and otherwise destructive dysfunction….

We are patient advocates and consumer activists. We represent true grassroots organizations, and we are regular citizens who have seen first hand the devastating effects of a healthcare system that is ranked first in research and technology and dead last in the delivery of healthcare among industrialized nations. We have been injured and we have lost loved ones and we have fought tirelessly for change. Many of us receive no compensation for our work.

We wholeheartedly endorse the President’s courageous efforts to finally fix what is broken with America’s healthcare system while expanding upon what isn’t.

Read their full statement here.

In the name of safe and higher quality health care, please take a moment to sign your name in support. After signing, consider taking your support a step further by attending a health care town hall while your lawmakers are still home on recess, and deliver them your signed statement. We encourage you to ask questions about public reporting of hospital infections and medical errors to let our leaders know that patient safety is a priority issue in health care reform.