Dead by Mistake was researched and written by a team of journalists from across Hearst newspapers and television stations. Hearst describes medical errors as “a critical and neglected health care issue.” We certainly agree.

In May of this year, we published a report on medical harm, “To Err is Human, To Delay is Deadly” (PDF), detailing the lack of progress since the Institute of Medicine estimated in 1999 that as many as 98,000 Americans die every year from preventable medical errors.

Our report and news stories like Dead By Mistake draw attention to a national problem by putting faces to these alarming statistics that many hospitals are slow to address. Click here to read about a former hospital president in Connecticut who died from hospital-acquired MRSA.

We need as many people sounding the alarm that preventable medical errors must be tracked and reported, so that we can see where hospitals are going wrong and demand that they show better results.