We’ve been working in California since 2003 to get public reporting of hospital acquired infection rates. This second report, released today by the California Department of Public Health, makes California a national leader on public reporting of infections, showing a more complete picture of deadly and harmful hospital infections in hospitals across the state.

The data provided is extensive, and hopefully third parties will work to make it more consumer-friendly. In the meantime, the CDPH has started a consumer-friendly interactive map that this time only covers three months of surgical infection data but will grow over time to include many more hospitals and more types of surgeries.

This kind of victory wouldn’t be possible without consumer activists Carole Moss and Alicia Cole who serve on the state’s healthcare associated infections advisory committee. The law requiring most of the reporting bears the name of Carole’s son, Nile, who died from a hospital acquired MRSA infection at the age of 15.