Skeptical Scalpel tweeted a blog post this week about the Patient Safety Science & Technology Summit held last month – two advocates in our Safe Patient network — Lenore Alexander and Helen Haskell spoke at the conference and shared heartbreaking stories about their children; both how wonderful they were and how they tragically died from medical errors.
Lenore shared her story about her 12-year-old daughter Leah:

Helen, founder of Mothers Against Medical Error, shared her story about her 15-year-old son Lewis:

These videos are a breathtaking reminder of how patient safety means everything in order to prevent future harm and death to children, and to spare parents from this ultimate sorrow. Helen and Lenore relived their pain in order to educate us all how important it is to protect your loved ones and join the fight to end medical harm.
What other patient safety videos have moved you? Feel free to share links in the comment section.