Photo by Alicia Cole.

Photo by Alicia Cole.

Recognition of Our Successes, Planning for the Future

Consumers Union Safe Patient Project staff met with a terrific group of California activists in Los Angeles this month to share successes and brainstorm plans for future collaboration. This group of California activists has been instrumental in the fight to improve patient safety in their state and nationally. We had a mix of familiar faces and new advocates who’ve joined the movement. Here are five things that these extraordinary individuals have accomplished:

  • Carole and Ty Moss were recently featured in a Los Angeles Times article on the secrecy around hospital outbreaks which has been heavily shared on social media.
  • Advocate Rae Greulich, the mastermind behind Stop the Superbugs website and Facebook page has gained valuable experience serving on the California healthcare infections advisory committee and through directly advocating for patients.
  • Alicia Cole was invited to a White House event and recognized by President Obama for her work on patient safety.
  • Marian Hollingsworth won a hard-fought battle on informed consent, resulting in an informed consent group in California reaching consensus that the signature of a patient/representative will be required on the informed consent form for antipsychotic drugs in nursing homes.
  • Michele Monserratt-Ramos’s activism on medical board issues has led to heightened awareness of medical board oversight and the implementation of standards for substance abusing physicians.
CA advocates and Consumers Union's Lisa McGiffert

CA advocates and Consumers Union’s Lisa McGiffert

Consumers Union and California Activists Attend California Medical Board Meeting

CU Safe Patient Project staff and five CA activists attended the two-day meeting of the Medical Board of CA in Los Angeles. Safe Patient Project Director Lisa McGiffert testified on two issues before the board: Requiring doctors on probation to notify their patients and opposing California joining the Federation of State Medical Board Interstate Compact that allows doctors to be automatically licensed in seven or more states under conditions that supersede state medical board laws and regulations (particularly we are concerned about standards for licensees, lack of public representation on the oversight body, and access to public information and meetings).

Consumer Victory on Doctor Oversight

At this meeting, the board’s regulations on oversight of substance abusing doctors were officially finalized – our Safe Patient Project and California activists have been pushing for these regulations for more than two years and this is a victory for us to have them finalized.

The Safe Patient Project acknowledges the California Healthcare Foundation for helping us fund this important work in California.