Marian Hollingsworth quote SacBee

Marian Hollingsworth, an invaluable member of our California Safe Patient Network and activist with our Docs on Probation campaign, is broadcasting our ongoing fight for patient safety in a new op-ed published by the Sacramento Bee. Marian highlights the Medical Board of California’s lack of transparency as they jeopardize patient safety in favor of protecting the interests and reputations of doctors. With Marian’s help, the Safe Patient Project continues to push for the rights of patients to make informed choices about the doctors they are trusting to treat them.

Read Marian’s op-ed here. For more information on doctor accountability, check out our page, and follow us on Twitter to track our progress. Keep spreading the word about this important issue by using our hashtag #DocsOnProbation.

If you live in California, please sign and share our online petition encouraging the Medical Board to require doctors on probation to inform their patients about their probation status.
–Savannah Wood