Guest Blog by Suzan Shinazy

Medical harm that has lead to an untimely death of a patient could be traced back to blatant failures of the NIH and FDA to enforce a 2008 law requiring public reporting of required clinical trial results to the federal database

A recent article by Charles Pillar, Law Ignored, Patients at Risk  alerts us to an alarming violation of a federal law, that requires public reporting of clinical trial results, including some that involve, “…life and death problems.” Even more alarming, the article states our government agencies, the NIH and FDA, are not making sure the law is followed.  If FDA had used its fining authority, “In theory, it could have collected $25 billion from drug companies since 2008.”

What can we do when our top government healthcare agencies do not follow, nor enforce, a law designed to provide information that enables timely and safer healthcare? For starters, we can ask the FDA and the NIH to look into this lack of accountability, correct it, and let the public know what corrections have been implemented. Their failure to do this can result in patient harm and death.

Patient advocates across the country are informing others of this failure, and gathering signatures on this letter, which will be sent to all the agencies listed. You can sign on at