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  • CA activist Carole Moss leads effort on hospital infection bills

    Carole Moss has been a lead advocate on the effort to pass legislation requiring California hospitals to report their infection rates available to the public. The bill is named after her son, Nile, who died of MRSA, an antibiotic resistant superbug. The legislation also requires screening of patients for MRSA and isolating those that have it.

  • Survivor turned movement leader: Meet Alicia

    Alicia Cole, an actress and hospital infection survivor, last Friday launched her own initiative to finally pass an infection reporting law in California.

  • Common sense shouldn’t take two years – unless it’s the FDA

    Should it really take two years to study a common-sense proposal to make drug ads better for consumers? Not unless it’s the Food and Drug Administration, which has taken foot-dragging to new heights

  • Sidestepping Your Doc

    Should consumers have access to certain medications at the pharmacy without a prescription?

  • No side effects, says who?

    Is your doctor listening to you or the drug companies when it comes to pinpointing the cause of your symptoms?

  • California law scares drug companies–because it might work to lower prices!

    According to the Boston Globe, drug companies are scared that a new California will actually work the way it’s supposed to–by lowering the cost of prescription drugs for uninsured people.

  • Survey finds close ties between drug companies and patient groups

    The New Scientist’s recent survey describes how some patient groups get substantial funding from drug companies.

  • Walmart to lower prices on generics

    Walmart has announced today that it will begin offering nearly 300 generic drugs for only $4 per prescription in Florida. Other companies and pharmacies may step up and also lower the prices of their medications. But what can Congress and states do to help people afford the drugs they need?

  • Another prestigious institution bans Pharma swag

    In what the NY Times calls “a growing movement among academic institutions,” Stanford University Medical Center will ban gifts — even small ones like pens — from pharma sales reps to physicians who work there.

  • Millions of Californians will soon enjoy lower drug prices

    On August 31st the California legislature passed a bill that would require drug companies to lower their prices, or risk being shut out of the state’s Medicaid program, or Medi-Cal. Governor Schwarzenegger is expected to sign the measure. Many thanks goes to our CA activists who helped us achieve this victory!

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