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News Articles

  • Attorney General Richard Blumenthal promotes bill to require hospital-specific medical error reporting
    Source: (Monday March 1, 2010)

    “Since 2004, 116 people in Connecticut have died as a result of medical errors in hospitals — most of which were kept secret because of a “gaping legal loophole,” according to the Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

  • Drug Company Gifts To Doctors Should Be Disclosed And Limited, Ct AG Urges
    Source: (Monday March 1, 2010)

    Legislation in CT this year would require limits on drug company compensation to doctors instead of an outright gift ban. A 2009 gift ban bill was strongly opposed and failed to pass.

  • Hidden Mistakes In Hospitals
    Source: Hartford Courant (Monday November 16, 2009)

    A state law intended to protect patients by making them aware of hospitals’ errors has ended up making it easier for hospitals to avoid scrutiny. That’s because when hospitals notify the state, the health department keeps most of those reports secret from the public.

  • Health care bills sidestep medical errors issue
    Source: Connecticut Post (Friday October 16, 2009)

    Health care legislation now before Congress takes only modest steps to address a problem that is far more deadly than inadequate medical insuance — medical error.

  • Stimulus Money Will Help Fight Illnesses
    Source: Eyewitness 3 (Wednesday October 3, 12)

    CT receives stimulus funds for hospital infection reduction

  • No More Free Lunches For Doctors?
    Source: Hartford Business Journal (Monday April 13, 2009)

    Connecticut doctors would be prohibited from accepting certain gifts from drug and medical device companies under a plan being considered by lawmakers.

  • End Drug Company Gifts To Doctors
    Source: Hartford Courant (Tuesday April 7, 2009)

    comprehensive ban on drug company gifts to doctors will end the troubling financial conflicts of interest that undermine the quality of care to patients.

  • Editorial: Hospitals Fight MRSA Screening
    Source: Hartford Courant (Thursday April 17, 2008)

    Connecticut hospitals continue to stonewall and fight a sane and sound amendment to Senate Bill 579.

  • Hospitals fight fessin' up
    Source: New Haven Independent (Wednesday March 8, 2006)

    As many as three people die each day in Connecticut from infections they got in the hospital, according to one estimate.