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  • Patient Safety Activists Represent Consumers at Presidential Health Care Forum

    Four patient safety activists – all who have been personally affected by medical harm – were among the 164 participants in ABC’s televised health care forum held with President Obama. Understandably, they came armed with questions but didn’t get to ask them. So we wanted to give them a chance to get their questions in front of the public and lawmakers here on this blog.

  • VA officials get probed for using non-sterile instruments on patients

    U.S. lawmakers held a hearing a few weeks ago to figure out why VA officials still weren’t following proper procedures for cleaning endoscopes that put more than 11,000 veteran patients at risk.

  • CU report: 80% of the time the lowest retail price beats Medicare Part D “donut hole” prices

    We called 261 pharmacies in Florida to get their prices for 6 top drugs, then compared them to the new Medicare prescription drug benefit’s private insurance plans. It turns out that out of the 44 Florida plans, the private plan “donut hole” prices were usually higher than the lowest retail price.

  • Walmart to lower prices on generics

    Walmart has announced today that it will begin offering nearly 300 generic drugs for only $4 per prescription in Florida. Other companies and pharmacies may step up and also lower the prices of their medications. But what can Congress and states do to help people afford the drugs they need?

News Articles

  • Medical Complaints Gather Dust in Florida
    Source: The Ledger (Saturday October 19, 2013)

    Florida’s The Ledger reports: “Medical professionals in Florida hang onto their licenses and continue practicing as the state grapples with a lengthy disciplinary process that can take years, according to an analysis by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting.”

  • Patient at Halifax Hospital has surgery on wrong leg
    Source: Orlando Sentinel (Thursday August 15, 2013)

    A patient woke up from surgery at Halifax Hospital Medical Center last month to find her surgeon had operated on the wrong leg.

  • Listen: Medical Error Expert Talks About Losing Leg
    Source: Health News Florida (Wednesday July 10, 2013)

    Dr. Frederick Southwick, University of Florida professor of medicine, literally wrote the book on preventing medical errors. The ironic part? He ended up losing his own leg because of a mistake during surgery.

  • Florida Board of Medicine revokes 2 doctors' medical licenses
    Source: Tampa Bay Times (Friday June 7, 2013)

    The Florida Medical Board recently revoked the licenses of two physicians and fined another.

  • Florida to get $56 million from $3 billion Glaxo settlement
    Source: South Florida Business Journal (Monday July 2, 2012)

    Florida will receive more than $56 million as part of a $3 billion settlement with GlaxoSmithKline that involved the federal government, Florida and other states, Attorney General Pam Bondi said on Monday.

  • Northeast Florida hospitals reducing readmissions
    Source: The Florida Times-Union (Wednesday January 11, 2012)

    Area hospitals working to reduce readmission rates, which are often due to poor discharge planning.

  • Rater: 16 South Florida hospitals among nation's best
    Source: Sun Sentinel (Wednesday September 14, 2011)

    New hospital quality ratings by the Joint Commission fall short because they look only at preventive steps the hospitals took, not which hospitals did best at preventing bad results, said Consumers Union’s Safe Patient Project Director, Lisa McGiffert.

  • Most pill-mill doctors ‘clear, active’
    Source: Healthnews Florida (Friday August 26, 2011)

    Florida doctors who have been making millions prescribing narcotics still have a status of clear and active (able to practice medicine) on the Department of Health’s website.

  • Which hospital highest in infections?
    Source: Health News Florida (Wednesday May 25, 2011)

    Medicare’s release of central line associated bloodstream infections reveals problems at a Florida hospital with protecting patients from these harmful infections.

  • Drug-firm fees to UM doctors are questioned
    Source: The Miami Herald (Monday December 20, 2010)

    ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative group, is reporting that more than dozen University of Miami doctors did not properly report their earnings from drug companies as required by a medical school policy.

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